What’s so special about Malta beaches?

To a lot of visitors, Malta beaches are synonymous with one thing: crystal clear blue waters! Malta, Gozo and Comino are home to many charming sandy and rocky beaches.

Almost all beaches guarantee awesome, pristine blue waters.

Whether you like to swim in deep sea or prefer to bath in shallower waters, you will find a perfect beach waiting just for you.

Due to the large influx of tourists in the summer months, finding a secluded spot on Malta beaches can be tricky.

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However, the water here is so blue and so beautiful that we’re sure that you’re not going to mind sharing it with a few others.

To escape the crowds a bit, we suggest you go to the beach on weekdays.

If you happen to be here at the beginning of May or mid October, then you will most likely enjoy “summer” beach weather without the crowds.

Make the most of it!

If you’re visiting in the hot summer months, be sure to put on lots of sunscreen and avoid staying in the sun from around noon to 3.00pm. Find a cool place in the shade, grab a cold drink and watch the world go by, without a care in the world. What could be more relaxing? You are here on holiday after all. :)

Another huge plus that Malta beaches have, is the fact that they are swimmable. Mellieha bay is perhaps the most popular beach in Malta and for good reason too: long stretches of sand with fantastic facilities and a thriving beach life, the Maltese way!

Unlike some Mediterranean beaches where you’re stuck sunbathing without swimming being an option, most beaches here are clean and warm for long periods of time. Sea temperature goes down to around 15 degrees Celsius in winter, so not exactly icy cold - not even in winter!

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Ghajn Tuffieha and Golden Bay are a close second, as regards to popular Malta beaches.

These twin sandy beaches have a fascinating natural beauty that is sure to captivate you. Click here for more information on these two beautiful Malta beaches.

Taking the road beyond Mgarr, you will find yourself at Gnejna Bay, one of the quieter beaches in Malta. Click here for more information on the beautiful Gnejna Bay.

Paradise Bay is one of the tiniest beaches in the northern part of the island. But anyone who's been to this beach, will agree that small never looked more beautiful!

Click here for more info on possibly one of the most secluded beaches in Malta.

The South of Malta is not renowned for its beaches. However there are a couple worthy of a visit.

Pretty Bay - a man made sandy beach in Birzebbugia, makes for a nice spot to spend a lazy summer afternoon, in the sun or shade with a cold drink in hand.

More info on this bay here.

Not easy to reach, St. Peter's Pool is a stunning swimming spot located in an area of immense natural beauty. Not essentially a beach, but a rocky inlet ... St. Peter's Pool offers some of the most beautiful and crystal clear waters you will see on the Maltese islands.

For more information on this "hidden" rocky inlet, go to our

Rocky Beaches Malta: St. Peter's Pool page for more information.

Though not one of the most beautiful beaches in Malta, Mistra Bay offers some nice views of St Paul's islands and some good snorkeling opportunities.

If you’re hiring a car, Imgiebah Bay near Selmun, Mellieha is a remote beach, for those who wish to escape the crowds.

Not easy to get to, this beach is well worth a visit if you've got the time.

Go to our

Secluded Beaches in Malta: Imgiebah Bay page for more information on this tiny beautiful beach.

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Another bay that you can explore is Fomm ir-Rih Bay.

This is perhaps one of the wildest of Malta beaches. Essentially a pebble beach, Fomm ir-Rih Bay is also a great spot for snorkeling and diving on calm days.

Visit our

Secluded Beaches in Malta: Fomm ir-Rih Bay page for more information on the most isolated bay in Malta.

The coastline in Bugibba, Qawra, Sliema and St. Julians also has some interesting bathing spots, if sand is not really your thing. These areas are easily reached by public transport.

A popular beach for picnics and barbeques is Armier. It's an open bay and the water can get quite rough when it's windy and the wind is blowing from the north.

Armier is located at Mellieha and you can get there by bus #50 from Valletta. (Sundays only). For more information on this beach, visit our Sandy Beaches in Malta: Armier Bay page.

Anchor Bay is a tiny picturesque bay, just one kilometre away from Mellieha Bay. More famous for its Popeye Village, this bay also offers some great diving spots. Get more info on this small isolated bay, by visiting our

Anchor Bay Malta page.

Ramla bay in Gozo is said to be one of the most picturesque of Malta beaches. This is the largest sandy beach in Gozo and is most famous for its "red sand".

Check out our Gozo Island: Ramla Bay page for more information on probably the most beautiful beach on the Maltese islands.

For the more active and adventurous, some beaches in Malta also offer a host of water sport activities, such as windsurfing, jet-skiing and paragliding over the crystal blue waters.

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Malta also harbours a rich underwater world.

If you’re a good swimmer and enjoy snorkeling, then be sure to take advantage of our fantastic beaches, grab that mask and snorkel and explore to your heart’s content.

Over the last couple of years, Malta, Gozo and Comino have become must see destinations for divers.

Due to their popularity with visitors, we have dedicated a whole section to Diving in Malta here.

When you’ve dived in Malta, you will realize that it’s a completely different world down there. So peaceful, so mysterious and so clear.

Whoever dives on the Maltese Islands will confirm that diving in Malta is simply amazing!

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