Malta will surprise you!

by Aaron

Kinnie - My favorite Maltese soda

Kinnie - My favorite Maltese soda

It was not my idea to go to Malta. In fact, I’d have preferred it if we'd have gone to Italy. But my wife is half Maltese and she really wanted to visit the Maltese Islands.

My wife did all the research since she was much more enthusiastic about our vacation than I was. She booked us a self-catering apartment in Bugibba. It was dead cheap! It turned out to be quite nice too, so well worth it!

We decided to rent our own car too since we didn’t want to be restricted by public transport schedules, time-tables and stuff. Be warned: If you go down this route, be prepared to get lost a couple of times because I found that some of the attractions were not clearly signposted. You will also most likely encounter some downright crazy drivers. But I guess we all have those type of drivers!

What I liked most about Malta

The history

I had heard of the Knights of Malta before but never really knew anything about them. You will feel their lingering “presence” in every corner of the island.

The food!

The local crusty bread is to die for! Also, the small “pastizzi” are awesome. These are small flaky pastry pockets filled with ricotta cheese or peas. Of course, I had to taste both!

The local beer is OK but what I really loved was this awesome soda they have called Kinnie. I couldn’t get enough of it!


This is a separate island so you have to catch the ferry to get there. Gozo is even smaller than Malta.

It has lots of attractions and beautiful beaches. The friendliness of the locals here was unrivaled. Plus their relaxed and carefree lifestyle is something that I can only dream of!

Believe it or not, they have their own special bread here which is different than the one you‘ll find in Malta. It’s delicious too! But I’m talking about food AGAIN so I’ll change the subject :)

The churches

I’m far from religious but you can’t help but be intrigued by all the wonderful churches they have. They range from huge churches in towns, to small and unassuming chapels in the countryside.

The festivals

We had a great time at a local bread festival! We also went to an awesome chocolate festival. Can you tell that we really liked the food? :)

The Armory Museum

This is a fantastic museum in Valletta, which is the capital city of Malta. It has thousands of authentic items on display ranging from suits of armor, swords, firearms and many other types of weapons - all from the Knights of Malta period.

I could easily have spent a whole afternoon there. So much to see! My wife wanted to do a bit of shopping on that day though, so we left after a couple of hours.

Overall, Malta was a pleasant surprise!

Because truth be told I wasn’t expecting much from such a tiny island. I highly recommend it if you’re after a nice, relaxing vacation!

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