Malta Vacation Rental 2017

Useful info and advice on Malta vacation rentals

Looking for information on vacation rentals in Malta and Gozo? Look no further!

Our Malta Vacation Rental page gives you all the information you need on what type of accommodation options you have available, as well as useful tips on how to choose the best Malta holiday rentals which suit your budget and requirements.

If you decide to go for a vacation rental, then your choice of holiday accommodation in Malta and Gozo is huge!

You can choose from holiday villas, farmhouses or traditional houses of character.

If you want something smaller you can also rent out an apartment or maybe a studio flat if you’re traveling on your own.

How to choose your Malta Vacation Rental

malta vacation rental

For starters, it’s best to ask yourself what type of vacation would you like to have on the Maltese islands.

Are you looking for a tranquil place where you can simply relax but also do a fair bit of sightseeing?

Will your Malta holiday mainly be a beach holiday?

Would you prefer an apartment which is right at the heart of all the action?

Perhaps you want to sample the Maltese nightlife every night … so you’re looking for an apartment from where you can literally walk for a few minutes and you’ll find the best nightclubs on the island …

The above questions will help you form an idea on what location to choose. Having said all this, the Maltese islands are incredibly tiny so wherever you stay you won’t be too far off from all the major attractions, sites, etc.

Next, you need to look at size. How many of you will there be? If you’re a large family or a group of friends, then you can easily find an affordable villa to rent. Yes, you read right … a villa! Just imagine having a private villa with pool all for you and your family or friends.

Holiday villas in Malta and especially in Gozo are not as expensive as you might think.

malta vacation rentals

Self catering apartments are a great option if you're travelling on a tight budget. Don't forget to look for incredible bargains in non-touristy locations! Malta is so small that you're never too far off from the top attractions anyway!

Another question to ask yourself would be, what amenities are a definite must for you? For example, is it crucial for your apartment to have a lift? … Is a swimming pool a definite must in your holiday villa? …

This will help you immediately weed out all those accommodation options that do not have the amenities/facilities that you’re looking for.

As you can see, simply by asking yourself some questions, you can plan your vacation better and also book yourself into the ideal vacation rental which best meets your specifications and requirements.

Find your dream Malta and Gozo Vacation Rentals here!

If you'd like to get an idea of vacation rental pricing in Malta and Gozo, go to HomeAway Holiday- Rentals.

This is a leading holiday rentals website that lists over 250 holiday homes in Malta and Gozo.

You can use their search box to send an enquiry to a particular villa or apartment owner. So if something is not clear to you, just send an enquiry to clarify matters with the owners.

If you'd like to see which holiday homes are available for your required dates, simply choose MALTA or GOZO as your destination and enter your dates. Their search engine will then quickly list all the vacation rentals in Malta or Gozo that are available, according to your requirements.

Holiday Villas in Malta and Gozo 2017

A final word. If you're thinking of renting a holiday villa, we recommend that you place a booking as soon as you find your ideal villa.

This is because as opposed to hotels, a villa is practically fully booked for a specific period with just one booking!

Malta Vacation Rental ... Your ideal choice for a relaxing holiday and a perfect passport to see Malta in your own time, at your own pace! 

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