Malta: The Best Things Really Do Come in Small Packages

by Gemma
(Dubln, Ireland)

I love this photo: the essence of Malta!

I love this photo: the essence of Malta!

I only have wonderful things to say about Malta.

Myself and my boyfriend have been together for four years and every year we save to go away somewhere lovely in September, and we chose perfectly with Malta!

Our week began with a perfect stay in the Radisson Blu hotel, cocktails, laughs and lounging around the pool, equipped with UNDERWATER STOOLS at the bar no less!! Lovely walks and ramblings most days - I know we're only in our early 20's, but still, that's the special thing about Malta - doing the simple things were often the best fun!

Swimming in "Splash and Fun" brought out the 7 year olds in us ... excitedly queuing a million times for each massive slide or waiting eagerly for the wave-pool to start up again!

I'd HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend taking the bus tours around the island ... they are so well organized and you see EVERYTHING! We had the nicest time sitting upstairs on the roofless bus, shades on and camera out ... I've never experienced more beautiful views and scenery ... prepare to be snap-happy because you will see nothing like you've EVER seen before than when you're overlooking the beige hills, sparkly waters and little cream houses ... gorgeous!

We also visited the Megalithic temples which were lovely ... but be warned! The walk down to some of them is not for the faint-hearted ... it's a long path but very worth it when you see the tombs and lovely sea view (I had great fun getting a jockey-back back up the path, so pack a strong man for this day trip!!)

MARSAXLOKK is one of my most enjoyable memories of Malta: it is a tiny village that is almost therapeutic, it's so nice to be in! It's splashed with a rainbow of cheery colours due to the rows and rows of quirky little fishing boats parked in the water - I recommend buying an ice-cold Cisk (perfect local beer that will probably cost you no more than ONE euro!) and relaxing on one of the benches for a while.

Also, the BLUE GROTTO caves!!! What can I say other than they are the best thing I have ever gotten on a boat for! They are a must see!

And the night life is one of the best we've ever been part of ... and we come from Dublin!! We spent most of our nights in the music and 2-for-1 drinks haven that is PLUSH!! Ladies, bring the flip-flops in your hand-bag because you will be dancing all night!

I can't say enough about the food - amazing ... no matter where we went to eat. But we did re-visit PAPARAZZI at least 3 times (out of 7 days!). Prices are so reasonable everywhere, especially so when buying wine for all you vino drinkers - you will have a great time!!

We also spent half of our days in Valletta ... this is where you will get all of your holiday gifts and lovely pizza for lunch!

I fear I am talking too much, so I will finish with a huge recommendation to visit lovely sweet Gozo - it's like a finely-aged version of Malta: original, calm and vintage! If you're tossing up where to spend most of your holiday, I would recommend Malta, but only because it's bigger and there's SO much to see and do. Also, Gozo may not have as much nightlife as it is decorated with sweet little fishing villages instead!

Finally, I will finish on my memory of the BLUE LAGOON!! It's a once off for old and young alike ... the waters and cliffs are exactly what you see in the holiday catalogues!

The people are the perfect hosts: friendly, relaxed and really helpful. As a young couple, I am glad to say that we felt safe and secure no matter where we walked.

I feel very happy now having reminisced about my time in Malta, an occurrence sure to happen to anyone who visits.

You cannot help but have a really brilliant holiday here. :)

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May 17, 2011
by: Anonymous


I really enjoyed reading your story. It's encouraged me even more to go to Malta as I too am planning to go with my boyfriend.

We were worried it might not be a place for a young couple but reading these stories has really helped us decide to book.

Thanks to all who published their memories.

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