Malta Supermarket Shopping Guide

7 Maltese food items that should be on your shopping list!

This is your survival Malta supermarket shopping guide.

Well not exactly a "survival" guide :) But read on, and you will discover why some local products NEED to be on your shopping list!

You may have rented a villa or a self catering apartment and you’re off to a supermarket or grocery store shopping for food and drinks. Could be you just want to have a look at what products are available in a typical Maltese supermarket and maybe buy some snacks to keep you going until dinner …

For whatever reason you’re visiting a Malta supermarket, be sure that you don’t leave the building without buying the following items :) Is that clear enough? Just kidding of course …

But if you really want to get a taste of Malta and what the local people snack on and drink, then our list will give you an idea on some of the top snacks and drinks that the Maltese people adore! And you know how the saying goes … “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”...

So here it is ... your essential Malta supermarket list in no particular order, because each item is equally delicious!!!



If you had to ask the locals, what is their favourite crisp savoury snack, then chances are that most of them will tell you it’s Twistees. The red and yellow iconic packet can be seen in supermarkets, grocery stores, confectioneries, bars, pubs, stationeries, petrol stations and practically anywhere where people are bound to stop and look for something to satisfy their hunger pangs.

This tasty snack made from rice and maize grits is still manufactured from the original factory that launched it to its present iconic status, over forty years ago!

This delicious snack can be addictive :) and you could very well end up wanting to take several packs of Twistees home with you!

A few packs of Twistees in your backpack are perfect for when you’re going to hit the local beaches or you’re considering doing some serious hiking or sightseeing. Don’t forget to take a small bottle of water with you too. These savoury snacks will make you thirsty after and having water handy is always a good idea with the Maltese warm/hot climate!


Gbejniet are small, round cheeselets essentially made from a goat’s or sheep’s milk. These types of cheeselets are incredibly versatile and are used widely in many Maltese dishes.

One of the easiest ways to eat them is to have them with galletti (Maltese water crackers). A favourite among Maltese people is to add the gbejniet to an already bulging ftira or hobza biz-zejt, which is a Maltese bread bun spread with local tomato paste (kunserva) and filled with canned tuna, olives, capers, cucumber and all sorts of stuff and drizzled with olive oil.


Mmmmm Maltese bread! This is one item you definitely cannot miss while on your Malta holidays. You can buy Maltese bread direct from bakeries and also in supermarkets and grocery stores.

The most popular format is the loaf (hobza). For a quick summer snack, the favourite with Maltese people is the bun (ftira). Simply divine!

Have it with your favourite filling, or better still prepare it like the locals do. See previous instructions on how to prepare a ftira or hobza biz-zejt.


malta supermarket galletti

Galletti are round hard water crackers/biscuits.

These crackers are great with cheese or gbejniet.

They can also be eaten on their own.

A glass of Kinnie, CISK or local wine will wash them down magnificently!

Nowadays, you can buy them plain and in the original format or flavoured with herbs.


malta supermarket kunserva

No Maltese bread bun is complete without kunserva.

But what is kunserva?

It’s a sweetish tomato paste that will transform your bread bun from delicious to awesome!

Spread the kunserva on the top of the bread (like you’re spreading margerine or butter) and sprinkle with olive oil.

It's also widely used locally to enhance any type of red pasta sauce.


One of Malta’s favourite soft drinks!

Originally developed in 1952, the drink offers a unique taste produced from bitter oranges and aromatic herbs.

Definitely something that you should try to quench your thirst!


This old traditional Maltese snack is used mostly as a dip or paste. It tastes great with hobz biz-zejt!

Bigilla is essentially made from Djerba beans.

There are of course other Maltese products and items that you’ll find in a Malta supermarket. However, the above list contains the definite musts!

You will also find lots of familiar brands that you have back in your home country. Most of the brands will be European (mainly Italian and British brands) but you’ll also find a few well recognized U.S. brands and also some Asian ones.

Tip: Don’t forget to buy lots of bottled water. This is an absolute must if you’re visiting the Maltese Islands in summer. You can easily get dehydrated if you don’t drink lots of water! Getting it from a Malta supermarket comes out cheaper than if you had to buy it from a restaurant, bar or pub.

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