Malta Shopping Guide: Advice & Tips on Shopping in Malta and Gozo

Looking for Malta Shopping info and advice? Want to know where are the best shops in Malta and Gozo? Read on to find out ...

There is a vast amount of shopping centres, malls and shops in both Malta and Gozo, so if you’d like to do some shopping while on your Malta holidays you definitely won’t be disappointed!

The Maltese Islands have a lot to offer as regards to history, sightseeing, activities and events.

But sometimes a little shopping spree while on vacation is required too. What do you think ladies? ;)

As a general rule, most shops in Malta and Gozo have similar prices to shops in Central Europe.

This is especially true for clothes shops.

malta shopping

Valletta: "A city built by gentlemen for gentlemen" ... and also for great shopping! :)

Fashion in Malta is greatly influenced by Italian and English brands and you’ll find all the leading brands in many shops.

If you’re looking for Malta souveniers to take back home with you, then your choice is endless.

You’ll find many souvenier shops selling a variety of items, ranging from jewelry, stunning locally blown glass items, handmade lace and crafts and much more.

In Malta, the two main shopping districts are Valletta, which is also the Capital of Malta and Sliema. Hamrun and Paola have some great shops and shopping centres too.

Valletta has many shops, shopping arcades, restaurants and cafes. The main shopping area is Republic Street and Merchants Street with many other side streets having countless other interesting and fashionable shops. Here you will also encounter tiny crafts shops and a host of good souvenier shops.

If you get tired from your Malta shopping, then you can simply stop by for a drink or snack at one of the many cafes.

malta shopping

Sliema: Shop 'til you drop at the many stylish shops, then grab a cappuccino and some local delicious snacks at one of the many swanky cafes!

In Sliema, Bisazza Street and Tower Road have the largest concentration of shops and shopping centres. There are other streets though that have some interesting shops as well. Sliema is also well equipped with many excellent restaurants and cafes. Sliema is the chic place to be!

Gozo's main shopping district is located in Victoria, which is the capital of Gozo.

If markets are your thing, then on the Maltese Islands you will find a host of markets which are worth going to. Visit our

Malta Markets page for details and advice on the top markets in Malta and Gozo.

Malta Shops: Opening Times

In general, Malta shops open from 9.00 am till 1.00 pm and from 4.00 pm till 7.00 pm (Monday to Saturday).

During the Christmas season, some shops stay open later and are also open on public holidays. There are some shops in Malta and Gozo which stay open all day in Summer.

Supermarkets have slightly different hours since they do not close in the afternoons and some have days when they stay open longer.

Most of the shops on the Maltese Islands accept payments by major credit cards.

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