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Your favorite island just got closer!

Malta news is often not featured in your local newspaper. That is if you’re not living in Malta of course!

This section is dedicated to the thousands of people out there who’d like to keep in touch with what’s happening on their favorite little island.

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You may have visited the Maltese Islands on a vacation or on a business trip. You may have had the pleasure of taking a sneak peek at the island while you were on a Mediterranean cruise.

Perhaps you’re one of the thousands of Maltese people who emigrated to Australia, the United States of America and Canada many many years ago. We know that Malta and Gozo still have a special place in your hearts.

Maybe you’re currently studying in the United Kingdom or some other country and want to know what’s going on in Malta right now.

Don't worry. You can still stay in touch with what’s happening in Malta today with Google News.

Google News features the major stories about Malta from thousands of news resources from across the globe ...

Google’s Global Source Covering Malta


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