Malta: My second home country!!

by Birgit Daiminger

A very secret place!!

A very secret place!!

It was 37 years ago that I visited Malta for the first time.

Today, I have lost count of the many times that I have been to Malta. And I will come again and again. I am infected with this "virus" and so are my children and some of my friends.

My father and my mother have always stressed that we, as children, needed to learn about, discover and get to know not only the beaches, like Golden Sands, Paradise Bay or Ramla Bay but also the culture (and this is the most spectacular part of the island).

When I was 12 years old, I saw the Caravaggio (an image, which I never forgot to this day) and some places, which are closed now.

I also visited the Hypogeum.

In those days it was not necessary to close the St. John´s Cathedral like today.

I remember the first time in the Blue Grotto. It was like a miracle!

The first trip to Gozo … Even though it is the sister island of Malta, the two islands are so different.

Gozo was so quiet, nearly no cars and unreliable bus schedules but this is the atmosphere you will find in Gozo.

The first time I went to the Calypso Cave!! The Ramla Bay!! The Citadella with the prison and the first graffiti from the prisoners.

Xlendi!!!!! It was totally different than it is now. I do not know if I like it the way it is now, but I only have to look to the sea and I have my memories again, because I never forgot not even a day.

The most important thing is, that there we meet our best friend. In the beginning, my parents had a friendship with a Maltese family (Louis and Mary, Klaus, Heidi and Ruth Falzon) and me and my sister and brother with the children.

We played with the Maltese children, even though we could not speak Malti, but Klaus understood some words in German, because he was born in Germany, so he translated the rules to the boys and girls and we played German games. It was wonderful!

This friendship continues to this day. Now our children are already friends. This means three generations are in a very good and intense friendship. The family Falzon lived at least 2 years with us in Germany from 1974-1977.

But every time I visit Malta again, I meet so many new and kind people. I know no other country, in which I have such a safe feeling like in Malta.

I like to walk through the little streets in Valletta. It is like a little adventure every time I go. I see very small bakeries with the best pastizzi from the island or some other shops, which most of the Maltese people would not even know about.

Malta and the inhabitants are so awesome. I hope it will stay the same. Only the changing of Sliema is enough.

Malta is like a diamond in the Mediterranean sea!

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