Malta Markets

The place to go to for bargains when shopping in Malta and Gozo!

Malta Markets are plentiful since almost every village and town has one.

If you’d like to grab a bargain while shopping in Malta, then going to a Maltese market may very well provide you with some fantastic ones!

Markets in Malta are usually held once a week (in some areas, it’s twice a week). Markets are seen by a lot of locals as a place to socialize and also buy required daily items such as groceries, etc. It’s the place locals go to when they’re not essentially too busy and therefore can hang around a bit after they finish purchasing their requirements.

In these markets you can find practically anything for sale, including household items, groceries, souveniers, clothes, shoes and toys.

Top Malta Markets

Although almost every location has its own market, there are a few larger markets which are more popular than others. This is because these markets have an extensive range of products on sale and it takes the average person a good few hours to have a proper look around.

So going to these markets is seen as an "outing" in itself by many Maltese people.

Il-Monti Valletta

This Sunday market is the most popular market on the Maltese Islands. It’s located outside Valletta’s city gate. This is a very busy market and apart from items which you usually see in markets, you can also see many varied collections of bric-a-brac here.

Also in Valletta, which is the Capital of Malta, there’s a market which is held daily in Merchants Street. Items on sale here include clothes, very affordable Malta souveniers, DVDs, etc.

Vittoriosa Market

If you’re visiting Vittoriosa, which is one of the Three Cities, you may want to go on a Tuesday. This is because on Tuesdays there’s a popular market which is held in this old city.

This is not your usual tourist market but it will give you a chance to mingle with the locals as they go around looking for bargains.

malta markets marsaxlokk

Marsaxlokk Fish Market

The charming fishing village of Marsaxlokk, hosts a fish market every Sunday.

This is another popular one.

Being a fish market, you will see countless types of fish on display.

However, over the years this market has evolved and nowadays you will find just about anything on sale here.

If you’re after some really fresh fish, go to this market early!

gozo malta markets

It-Tokk Gozo

If you’re visiting Gozo Island, then there’s an interesting daily market which is held at the main square in Rabat Gozo.

Other large markets worth mentioning are the following:

Qormi Market (Saturdays)

Birkirkara Market (Wednesdays)

Rabat Malta Market (Sundays)

All markets in Malta and Gozo start at about 7.00 am and finish at around 12.30 pm.

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