The Malta Lace Club - Klabb Bizzilla Maltija

Keeping the Maltese lace tradition alive!

Founded in 2005, the Malta Lace Club (or Klabb tal-Bizzilla Maltija, as it's known in Maltese) is the place where lace makers meet, socialize and share their interest in the beautiful traditional craft of Maltese lace.

Club meetings are held from October till June, every second Wednesday of the month from 5.30pm till 7.30pm. Venue: The Catholic Institute in Floriana.

malta lace meeting;

Club members making lace and discussing their passion at a Malta Lace Club meeting

Background Information on Maltese Lace

Bobbin lace in Malta goes back to the Knights of Malta period. The Knights of St. John ruled the Maltese Islands from 1530 till 1798.

The knights introduced bobbin lace as a clothing accessory to embellish fashionware of nobility and ecclesiastical vestments.

At one point, lace making in Malta was on the verge of being forgotten. What was left were images on old photographs and paintings portraying Maltese lace used as a decoration on ecclesiastical vestments and nobility fashionware.

Maltese Lace Today

Today, the Malta Lace Club actively promotes the craft of lace making and encourages its members to keep the craft alive.

Members are encouraged to come up with new ideas and approach the craft of lace making with an innovative flair.

In fact, club members meet once a month to discuss and share ideas and patterns. They also participate in workshops and talks which the club committee organizes from time to time.

To motivate its members further, the Malta Lace Club organizes a YEARLY CHALLENGE. This event encourages club members to participate with a competitive and creative approach.

bobbin lace doilies and more;

Various entries to past Yearly Challenge events on display

The results of this challenge speak for themselves. Entries for this event continue to be of the highest standard in both design and technique, year after year!

bobbin lace doilies and more;

More entries from a past Yearly Challenge event

Where can you see Malta lace being made?

The club periodically accepts invitations from local entities to participate in events where the public can see club members making lace live!

Past events were held at Baystreet Complex and Birgufest.

malta lace at birgufest;

Visitors at Birgufest admiring the talented lace makers at work!

These events are always a huge success with both locals and tourists. In such events, visitors have the chance to see club members making lace, ask questions and also have a close up look at amazingly beautiful bobbin lace doilies and many other lace products. Various Maltese lace products are also on sale during these events. Perfect for that special souvenier to take home with you!

Malta Lace Club: Events For 2013

The Club organizes a popular lace event called JUM BIZZILLA FIT-TRIQ (or Lace in the Street, as it's known in English.)

maltese lace workers;

Club members making lace at a Jum Bizzilla Fit-Triq event

During this event, lace makers from all over Malta join club members to work lace in the street, just like it used to be back in the old days!

Every lace worker is welcomed to join in for free.

beginners corner maltese lace;

Beginners Corner at a past Jum Bizzilla fit-Triq event.

If you've always wanted to try your hand at lace making, during the event a special Beginners Corner is set up so that anyone interested can have a go at lace making for the first time with the help of a member.

bobbin lace events;

Club members at work at a past Jum Bizzilla fit-Triq event. Maltese lace masterpieces in the making!

This year's LACE DAY Event is going to be held in Mdina on the 2nd of June 2013.

malta lace event

The club is also organizing an outing to the wonderful island of Gozo on the 18th of June 2013. We'll be visiting Arts and Crafts exhibitions and other places of interest.

malta lace club event

For more information on the Malta Lace Club and our activities, contact us on Tel: 21 666383 or use the form below to get in touch with us directly.

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