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All the info you need on hostels in Malta

Our Malta Hostels Guide provides information and tips on what to watch out for and what to expect with hostels in Malta and Gozo.

There are quite a few hostels in Malta and Gozo which you can choose from. There are also other forms of student and backpacker type accommodation such as bed & breakfasts and guesthouses.

You may also find some real bargains with 3 star hotels too.

If you’d like to have a look at what kind of prices you can expect on 3 star hotels in Malta, go to our 3 Star Hotels in Malta page.

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During the off peak season, you can usually find incredible bargains. Definitely a cause for celebration!

Another accommodation option for the budget conscious traveler to Malta, are self-catering apartments. If you want to find out what kind of rates you can expect when you rent a self-catering apartment in Malta or Gozo, go to our Self Catering Malta page.

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Hostels in Malta and Gozo allow you to see the Maltese islands in perhaps the most inexpensive way possible.

Facilities and amenities vary with each hostel and it’s best to check directly with the hostel owners to find out what is and what’s not included in the hostel rates.

Always make sure that you’re comfortable with what is being offered.

For example, would you be comfortable staying in a dorm or would you prefer more privacy? Some hostels in Malta offer small apartments with 2/3 to 6 single beds.

You can often rent out these types of apartments on a shared basis or as private rooms.

The Maltese Islands are incredibly small so no matter which hostel you choose to stay in, you will never be too far off from the major sights, attractions, nightlife, etc.

This makes hostels in Malta a very attractive option because unlike some hostels in other parts of Europe, you will never end up somewhere in the middle of nowhere! 

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