Malta Event: 17th - 19th June 2011

Isla Local Council proudly presents … Senglea Marittima Festival

malta event senglea festival

This magnificent Malta event spaned over three days, started on the 17th of June and finished on the 19th.

This annual festival takes place in various streets scattered across Senglea.

Senglea (or l-Isla, as it’s locally known) forms part of the 3 cities.

Although the city is the tiniest from the three, Senglea’s socio-historical and cultural heritage is immense!

Embark on a voyage of discovery in this tiny seaside fortified town ...

The town has always been linked with the sea and the festival gives visitors the chance to see and experience the maritime association that the town has.

Wander around beautiful historical buildings and awe inspiring fortifications …

senglea festival

One of the highlights of the festival will be the famous Macina where visitors will be able to enjoy various exhibitions, audio-visual displays, performances and much more!

Friday night will see the main church’s square taken back to the Knights of Malta period.

senglea marittima festival

“4th September Square” will depict pre World War II happenings and re-enact what life must have been like in World War II for Malta.

On the 18th of June (Saturday), there’s a host of different activities for all the family to enjoy! Choose from parades, band marches, historic re-enactments and more. During this day, you can also admire many street and corner arts from Senglean entities and other Maltese and Gozitan localities.

The last day of the festival (19th of June) will focus solely on marine activities with re-enactments held at the Macina and the surrounding beautiful waterfront.

This is one Malta festival you wouldn’t want to miss!

malta event senglea

If you’d like more information on this fantastic festival, call ++ 356 21662424 or ++356 27013004. You can also contact the Senglea Local Council by email on

Tip: If your itinerary allows it, while you’re in Senglea you can also pay a visit to the other two cities nearby. For more information on the magnificent three cities and how to get there by bus, visit our Three Cities (Cottonera) section.

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