Malta Education System: Information on Malta Schools

The Malta Education System is very similar to the one in the United Kingdom. At present, there are 3 types of schools in Malta and Gozo: state schools, church schools and private schools.

The education system is divided into phases and school is compulsory from ages 5 to 16.

If you're looking for a detailed explanation of all these phases and other information on Maltese schools, read on.

Malta Education System: Voluntary Education Malta

Pre-Primary Education in Malta and Gozo (3 to 5 years)

malta education system

Attendance at pre-primary level is voluntary.

It is estimated that around 95% of children aged between 3 and 5 years in Malta and Gozo attend pre-primary school.

At this age, no “formal” teaching actually takes place. The main objectives of the Pre-Primary Malta Education System is to develop children’s social attitudes and communication skills.

A typical day would therefore include playing, singing, painting, dancing, etc.

Pre-Primary centres are called Kindergarten Schools, and it’s very common that the kindergarten school will form part of a primary School and when the time comes, kids move on to primary level at the same school.

Malta Education: Compulsory

School in Malta and Gozo is compulsory for children aged between five to sixteen years.

Primary Education (5 – 10 years)

Primary Education in Malta is divided into cycles and classes are called “Years”. So the first year in primary school will be called Year One, the second Year Two and so on.

The amount of academic content covered increases as children progress to the final years at primary level.

Secondary Education (11 – 16 years)

Most secondary schools in Malta and Gozo are single-sex.

The years at secondary level are called “Forms”. So the first year at secondary school is called Form I, the second Form II and so on.

Upper Secondary Education (16 years onwards)

Upper secondary education in Malta and Gozo is also known as Sixth Form.

Students can either attend the Junior College (which is administered by the University of Malta) or other private or church upper secondary institutions.

Tertiary Education (usually from 17/18 years onwards)

Higher education in Malta and Gozo is given at undergraduate and post-graduate levels at the University of Malta. The university is wholly funded by the Maltese Government. Courses at the university can last between one to six years.

For a more detailed look at the Malta education system at ALL levels, visit the website of the Ministry of Education at

Malta Education System: List of Malta Schools

The Ministry of Education provides a list of ALL schools in Malta and Gozo at

On that website, you’ll also be able to have a look and learn more about Independent and Private schools in Malta, by browsing through the full list of these type of schools.

The list is divided into three parts, namely pre-primary, primary and secondary. This is so you get a better understanding of the Malta education system and choose the right school for your kids according to their age.

Most schools hold open days yearly. This offers a good opportunity to have a look around the school and also ask questions to the heads of the school, before you enroll your kids in that particular school.

If you’re not going to be living in Malta from the beginning of the scholastic year, it’s best to contact the Malta school that you’re interested in and check with them directly whether they will be able to fit your kids mid-year.

This will largely depend on the number of students they have for that particular year and how many (if any) they have on their waiting list.

Most subjects in schools in Malta are taught in Maltese, with the exception of foreign languages where the teacher will most likely speak in that particular language throughout the lesson so that students are able to listen to and also speak the language.

However, English speaking schools do exist.

The Maltese education system is very demanding and kids are given lots of homework to do.

They’re also given regular class tests in addition to the half-yearly and yearly exams. So don’t be surprised if your kids feel overwhelmed at first!

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