Malta Easter Activities 2011

Spending your Easter in Malta?

Read on to get an idea of the various Malta Easter Activities which are going to be held in 2011.

Apart from the Good Friday and Easter Sunday processions which are very popular on the Maltese Islands, during this time there are also countless exhibitions which relate to this time of the year.

In many villages and towns, you can find beautiful exhibitions of decorated church models as well as miniature Good Friday statues.

malta easter activities

In addition, many localities have interesting Last Supper displays.

Many drama groups organize dramatic representations of the Passion of Christ.

These representations are done in Maltese and are very popular with the locals.

As you might imagine, most of the Easter activities in Malta and Gozo revolve around the Catholic faith, which is predominant on the Maltese Islands.

Have a look at our list of some of the main Malta Easter Activities below to get an idea of what generally happens at Easter time in Malta ...

Malta Easter Activities and Events which are going to be held in 2011

Malta Easter Activities: Last Supper Displays

These Last Supper Displays usually have many plates on display with artistic creations made from coloured rice and salt.

malta easter activities

Some also have small Good Friday statues on display too. Others will have a sacred art exhibition as well.

Last Supper Display at Lija

This display has been organized for the past 41 years. During the exhibition a commentary will be alternately aired in Maltese and English.

Location: Old Parish Church of Our Saviour, Lija.

Opening Hours: The exhibition will open on the 20th of April at 7.30 pm. On Maundy Thursday, the display will open from 7.00 pm till 10.00 pm and on Good Friday, it will be open from 9.00 am till 12.30 pm.

Malta Easter Activities: Exhibitions of Decorated Church Models

These types of exhibitions are very popular during this time. In Maltese, this type of exhibition is called a Wirja ta’ Mudelli tal-Knejjes.

malta easter activities wirja tal-mudelli tal-knejjes

When you have a look at these church models, one cannot help but appreciate the amount of patience and skill which is required to replicate all the religious decorations and material into such tiny church models!

Decorated Church Models, Statues and Last Supper Display in St. Julians

Location: 52A, Lapsi Street, St. Julians.

Opening Hours: Palm Sunday from 9.00am till Noon, from 5.30pm till 8.30pm. April 18th til the 21st from 5.30 pm till 8.30pm. Maundy Thursday from 5.30pm till 11.00pm. Good Friday from 8.00am till 1.00pm.

Decorated Church Model, Handmade Paintings on Canvas & More

Location: 29, Korfu Street, Sghajtar, Naxxar

Opening Hours: The church can be viewed from the 13th of April till the 23rd of April. Weekdays from 6.00pm till 10.00pm and Sundays, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, from 10.00am till Noon and from 6.00pm till 10.00pm.


If you’re spending your Easter in Malta, don’t forget to sample the delicious Maltese figolli (a local Easter sweet) … You can find the recipe at our Easter Recipes page.

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