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Mistra Bay

Dubbed as one of the quieter Malta beaches, Mistra Bay is located between Xemxija Bay and Selmun.

Having a long history of occupation from the Phoenician to Roman era, this horseshoe-shaped bay makes for a nice spot to take a leisurely walk by the sea.

mistra bay

malta beaches mistra bay

Mistra Bay is essentially a pebble beach and not much popular with the locals and tourists for bathing.

This is largely due to the fact that one can find much more prettier beaches in Malta.

The military battery once built by the Knights of Malta, nowadays serves as the main office and administration site of the fish farms nearby.

These fish farming pens are at the outer part of the bay, but still visible from the beach and are in fact a bit of an eyesore.

However, having said that, Mistra does have some good snorkeling opportunities. Getting in and out of the water can be a bit tricky due to the sometimes shallow pebbly waters. The best spots are among the rocky boulders that string the coast.

malta beaches

malta mistra bay

The area around the bay offers some nice walking opportunities with lovely country and sea views

When you walk to the end of the road that skirts around the bay, you will be rewarded with some magnificent views of St. Paul’s islands (or Selmunett islands). The largest island has a statue of St. Paul that was built in 1845.

Getting there

There are no buses that take you directly to Mistra Bay. However, some bus routes pass from nearby. You have to stop one stage after the Xemxija Church on the hill. After that you have to walk for about 30 minutes to get to Mistra Bay. Follow the signs from Xemxija. 

Why not do some cycling while on your Malta vacations? Cycling to Mistra Bay can be a very rewarding experience. From Xemxija, it’s practically one long quiet road with lots of beautiful scenery to savor.

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