Malta always Malta

by Angie

My first visit to the island of Malta was in May, 1992.

We travelled with a group of girls and we did not know anything about Malta before.

I was very young, 23 years old. One evening we enjoyed Malta by night in Paceville where there are many different places to have fun. There are many pubs, discos and nice restaurants.

In one place I met the reason why I love Malta. I remember that we heard the song of U2, Sunday bloody Sunday. His name was Chris and he was a Maltese young boy. He was very nice and funny.

What can I say, for the final days of my holiday we stayed together and he showed me many nice places, which tourists never see. I learned how the local inhabitants live there.

He introduced me to his family, parents, brothers, sister, grandparents, etc. We had a wonderful barbeque in front of the sea. It was so nice and care free there – I enjoyed it very much.

The Maltese are very friendly and open to all nationalities. We stayed together till the end of my holidays and yes, now he was my Maltese boyfriend.

But all holidays must come to an end, everything has an ending.

It was really horrible to leave, but I promised to come back again in the same year. We wrote many letters, phoned every week (in 1992, we didn’t have the Internet or mobile). It was really difficult because we didn’t have much money to phone every day and to phone from Malta to Germany or Germany to Malta was really expensive. We were young and didn’t have a lot of money.

But we made it possible and every time it was exciting to wait for the moment to talk on the phone or wait for the postman. That was the beginning of my big love for the island of Malta.

In September 1992 it was time to travel again and perhaps stay there a bit longer to see how it feels there and maybe live there forever.

What can I say, I wanted to do it but family affairs didn’t let me and so he was really frustrated and we broke up!

But not for long … in December 1992 he sent me a Christmas card and I answered him.

But I never got an answer! In the next spring, in 1993, I travelled again to Malta and searched for him at the old places, at his old work, in Paceville and asked people for him.

The only answer I got was that he had left the island! I didn’t have the numbers of his parents and couldn’t find the house again.

I was so sad. I regret it all the time that I didn’t have the courage to go live there permanently.

Since then, I have visited Malta again and again – now it’s the 6th time that I visited Malta Island and I have never stopped loving it there.

Now we have the Internet. All these years, I have checked from time to time on the Internet and put his name into all kind of search engines – nothing happened – many years … nothing.

A friend wrote to a television show here in Germany that searches lost people. It was a birthday present for me for my 40th birthday.

But they didn’t find anything about him. So two years after this, I searched again on the Internet, in March 2011. And I could not believe it!

This time round, I found so many details about him! I saw a picture and compared it with an old one of him. Now a man and no longer a boy :)

I thought about what I could do and finally I wrote an email to this “old” man and asked him, “Are you Chris from Malta?” The next morning I quickly checked my email and I couldn’t believe that I got an answer!

He wrote: “Yes, that’s me!” Wow! Since then we have been chatting and talking on Skype. It really is unbelievable!

In April we made an appointment for Malta because he comes back to visit his parents there. So I booked a ticket also and we met at the Airport. I was standing there and was really nervous!

More than 18 years later, wow I saw him! I feel like I have known him for many years.

It was really amazing! I found my old friend from Malta and I now have a best friend forever!

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Jul 11, 2011
by: Anonymous

Good luck!

Jul 10, 2011
sweet story ;-)
by: Anonymous


Jul 07, 2011
wonderful .....
by: G....onymous

great story! :-)

Jul 07, 2011
by: Anonymous

nice ;-)

Jul 07, 2011
Miss happy
by: Anonymous

Love it. Lovely story.

Jul 07, 2011
Very nice story!
by: Anonymous

Very nice story!

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