Why is living in Malta permanently so alluring to visitors?

The dream of living in Malta is a recurring one for many visitors, after they had spent their holidays in Malta and gone back to their home country.

In fact, many confess that if they could, they would hop on the first plane back to the Maltese islands in an instant.

Many foreigners are choosing Malta as their retirement destination. If you'd like to find out why Malta is such an attractive retirement spot, visit our Retire in Malta page for more information.

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So what's living in Malta really like?

Imagine a tiny captivating island positioned strategically at the heart of the Mediterranean, just a few hours away (by plane) from most European countries. Serviced by most major airlines, low cost airlines were also introduced recently, which make flights to Malta even more affordable. Whats more, the island of Malta is under an hour away from Tunisia and Libya, making it an excellent bridge to North Africa.

In addition, this charming little island has a warm almost all year round climate.

Concerned about language barriers? No need to be. The official language of the Maltese islands is Maltese. However, English is the second language and virtually everyone speaks it on the island. Italian is also widely spoken.

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And let’s not forget safety. Malta has been voted time and again as an incredibly safe country with a very low crime rate. Couple that with a laid back Mediterranean lifestyle and the awesome Malta weather and it's very easy to see why so many visitors have the recurring dream of living in Malta permanently.

In fact, over the past few years, the Malta real estate industry has witnessed a huge increase in interest in Maltese property from visitors all across the globe, after they spend their holidays in Malta.

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Another important factor that people look for when thinking of relocating to another country are the medical services that the country offers. Malta boasts excellent medical services, state hospitals and countless private clinics and hospitals.

One of the state hospitals, namely Mater Dei Hospital, has been opened recently and possesses state of the art equipment and medical technology.

For more information on Malta and Gozo's health care system, visit our Malta Hospitals and Health Centres page.

In addition to hospitals, health centres and clinics, Malta and Gozo are also well equipped with various pharmacies that are located in each town or village. Visit our Pharmacies in Malta page for more information on pharmacies on the Maltese islands.

If you're currently thinking of relocating to Malta, you're probably also thinking what the cost of living is like. For more information on costs and prices of items, visit our Cost of Living in Malta page.

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Foreigners wanting to work in Malta have to apply for a work permit. For more information, tips and advice on working in Malta, visit our Working in Malta page.

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As regards to Malta's education system, it's very similar to that in the UK.

If you have kids and want to know more about education in Malta and Gozo, visit our Malta Education System and Schools page for valuable information on the system as well as lists of the different schools available.

As you can see, there are many advantages that come with living in Malta and the ever welcoming Maltese people will help you adjust to the transition in no time!

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