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Need more info on the various types of accommodation available on the Maltese Islands?

Perhaps you're not entirely sure that you want to go for a hotel. Maybe you're pondering whether renting a holiday villa could prove to be more beneficial for you. Could be that you're a student or a backpacker.

We are all different and everyone has his or her own preferences when it comes to holiday accommodation.

The following pages on our website provide additional information on the various options that you have available.

Our Details and Reviews of Hotels in Malta section provides tips and advice on what to expect as regards to hotels in Malta and Gozo as well as gives you access to hundreds of hotel reviews from other travelers.

A lot of travelers go for 3 or 4 star accommodation. Many find this option attractive because with these types of hotels you'll likely have all the necessary features and amenities with some nice extras too. Plus you can usually find some great bargains as well. Visit our 3 Star Hotels in Malta and 4 Star Hotels in Malta sections for more information.

Do you like to pamper yourself while on vacation? Check out our 5 Star Hotels in Malta and Top Luxury Hotels Malta pages for more information on luxurious hotels. On these pages you'll be able to list all hotels in Malta and Gozo in these categories and then take your pick!

Staying at a seaside resort has many benefits. Which are the most popular resorts in Malta and Gozo? Visit our Top Seaside Resorts in Malta section to find out!

If you're a budget conscious traveler, you'll find that there are many cheap accommodation options for you.

You can choose from self catering apartments in Malta or choose from the countless Gozo self catering options.

Looking for student accommodation on the Maltese Islands? No problem. Have a look at our Student Accommodation in Malta and Gozo section and also our Hostels in Malta page.

If you're traveling with your kids or you're going to be a large group, consider renting out a villa or farmhouse. It's not as expensive as you might think.

For more information on these type of vacation rentals, visit our Malta Vacation Rentals section and our Holiday Villas in Malta and Gozo Villas pages.

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