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Beautiful country walks, valleys and more!

The village of Kercem is surrounded by beautiful valleys, hills and countryside. It is believed that the name of the village originated from a nickname that a family that used to live there had, although researchers are not entirely sure about this. Historians indicate that the first mention of the village can be found as early as 1587!

kercem area

A beautiful 17th century fountain located at Lunzjata Valley

The village is said to have been inhabited since Prehistoric times. Phoenician, Punic and Roman remains were also found in the village. Sadly many of these remains no longer exist.

It is said that the village started to materialize and grow around the ancient St Gregory Chapel (built around 1581). With time, the need was felt to build a larger church to accommodate the increasing population of the village.

The parish church was built in 1851. The village has a population of around 1,700 people.

Ta’ Kercem (as it's also known locally) is close to the capital city Rabat. It’s also blessed with many beautiful surroundings and landscapes such as the Lunzjata Valley, Tal-Mixta hills and Xlendi cliffs to name a few.

If you like walking and hiking, then this village would make a perfect base because you can go on many lovely country walks in the area! Cycling is truly a pleasure here as well. The village is home to many interesting archaeological discoveries such as Roman baths and an ancient Christian cemetery. Unfortunately, these sites are not open to the public. They do shed a light though on the long and rich history of the village.

What’s near by?

- Rabat

- Sannat

- Lunzjata Valley

Vacation Rentals in the area

In this village, you will also find a few lovely farmhouses that are available for rent. Perfect if you want to pass a few days in a quiet and traditional Gozitan village!

Getting there

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