How I found the 2 loves of my Life

by Manuela F.
(Essen, Germany)

My boyfriend and I in front of the Azure Window

My boyfriend and I in front of the Azure Window

My boyfriend and I in front of the Azure Window Feast in Attard Blue Lagoon Grand Harbour

The first time I came to Malta in summer 2009, I stayed there for 2 weeks with a friend!

We had a good, relaxing time and on our last night we went out to Paceville and I met the love of my life!

It was destiny that we met what makes it all just so much more unbelievable for me.

We had only 1 hour together, I gave him my number and we stayed in contact. Later on I found out that he was Maltese and I went to visit him again.

The night we met is already 1 year and 10 months ago now and I still love him so much!

I came another 3 times to Malta to visit him and he comes a lot of times to Germany to visit me. I also already booked my next 2 trips, one in June for the Isle of MTV and one for 2 weeks in August.

But I did not just fall in love with my boyfriend, but also with Malta.

I have never seen a place with such a variety of attractions, as well as historical and modern.

A very special aspect is the Maltese mentality, which you will not find anywhere in the world.

Clocks which show different times, colored boats with eyes, people driving as if there are no rules ... I don't know if you have ever seen the "Only in Malta" videos on YouTube, but if you watch them, you will know what I mean :)

The Maltese people have a very welcoming and caring attitude and keeping the family together is a very important part of everyday life.

Malta seems to be a quiet place compared to other countries, but the more you get to know Malta you will see that there is always something going on.

The big feasts in summer with their fireworks or other festivals ... all through the year you see the Maltese people going out and enjoying life. The mentality is much more relaxed, which is very comfortable.

Especially in summer, Malta is flooded by young people from all over Europe. People from different cultures meet in the language schools and enjoy their summer together.

Very popular activities for the summer are excursions to the beaches and especially to the Blue Lagoon with the wonderful clear, blue water and Paceville with its wild and loud party nights.

But in the off-season, Malta is very attractive also for seniors.

The wonderful and impressive churches in Malta like St John's Co-Cathedral and the Mosta Dome are perfect for sightseeing.

For those who just want to spend some relaxing time, it's also great just to sit down at the Upper Barrakka Gardens and watch the Grand Harbour with the big cruises coming in or watching the colorful variety of flowers at San Anton Gardens.

Also the small markets in Marsaxlokk or Valletta influence the peaceful picture of Malta.

The absolutely best view over Malta, is from Mdina and Rabat or from the "hidden" Gharghur.

Even my mother went for 8 days to Malta and she is overwhelmed by all the impressions of the Maltese islands.

I think that before, she could never understand why I was always talking about my time in Malta, but today she understands it and it's great that we can share our experiences, because now she knows exactly what I always meant.

She also made a one day trip with my boyfriend to Gozo and visited all important places which you can see within one day, like the Citadel, Ta' Pinu, the Saltpans and Xewkija.

I personally really enjoy going out in the summertime in Marsalforn, the small village with the nice restaurants right next to the sea!

But I also had a very shocking moment!

It happened on my last trip to Gozo in April '11.

My boyfriend and I were on our way to the lighthouse of Ta' Gordan when suddenly a big, big snake appeared right next to us. But as fast as it appeared, it disappeared again!

All I could see was that it was the biggest snake I've ever seen in my life and that it was all black! I started screaming so loud, I think all Gozo could hear me!

Honestly I could keep on telling more and more about Malta, but in conclusion I can say that Malta is very special to me, mainly because of my boyfriend obviously, but also because of its great countryside and the miracles of nature, like the great Dingli Cliffs or the Azure Window.

Malta has something for everybody, for those who like to party, for those who like sightseeing and want to get to know something about the history and also for those who like staying at the beach or go diving in the wonderful blue water around Malta.

Before I booked my first vacation in Malta, I didn't even know a bit about these islands and I see it very sad that Malta is not that popular yet, but I can see that there is growth in the tourism industry and I'm really happy that more and more people get to know this beautiful place.

I cannot wait till I finish my studies here in Germany and I can finally move to Malta and start a wonderful life with my boyfriend.

And until then, I really look forward to my next visits and I'm so happy that I never get bored of these tiny islands, because still there is always something new to see! :)

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Jul 22, 2011
by: Nick Briffa

Great to hear that you love Malta! I'm happy for you and Matt! So we might be already looking forward for your wedding????!!! Cooool!! :D

Why did you choose to move to Malta and not stay in Germany? I am speaking in terms of opportunities. And what are you studying?

Send my regards to Matt! It has been big time since we last did a farse together!!!! :D

May 28, 2011
by: Anonymous

Loved this story :DD Well done ;)

May 25, 2011
Good work
by: Anonymous

Lots of aspects were mentioned and keeping a smile while reading. Really good.

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