Honeymoon in Malta? You bet!

Our Honeymoon in Malta page provides an overview of why many newly weds choose Malta as their honeymoon destination.

If you’re thinking of spending your honeymoon in Malta, read on and find out the main reasons behind Malta’s popularity as a honeymoon destination.

Why spend your honeymoon in Malta?

To start with, the Maltese Islands are very small.

So wherever you’re staying you’re never too far off from the major sights and attractions. Because let’s face it, nobody wants to travel for miles on end to see a major sight on their honeymoon!

honeymoon in malta

Weddings are a huge event to plan and your days will get pretty hectic prior and on the big day.

The last thing you’d want to do on your honeymoon is having to do lots of traveling to see the place.

While some areas (mostly shopping districts, popular resorts and business centres) are quite busy, they’re nowhere near as busy as other European cities.

So believe it or not, you can still relax and wander around these areas and enjoy yourself.

The Maltese Islands are full of tiny traditional laid back villages where you can go to and explore the area or simply find a nice bar or restaurant and relax and watch the world go by.

There’s also lots of places to go to where you can be alone. Plus if you’d like to go out at night for a drink or to a club, then nightlife in Malta is one of the best in Southern Europe.

What about romantic restaurants? Your choice is endless here. Choose from tiny exquisite restaurants in historical settings, or romantic al fresco venues right in front of a beach … Whatever you look for in a restaurant, you can rest assured that you’ll find just the type of restaurant you like.

The Maltese Islands also offer plenty of romantic walks which you can do, ranging from beautiful countryside walks, walking on the beach and also leisurely strolls on the many lovely promenades you’ll find at all resorts in Malta.

Hotels on the Maltese Islands are plentiful and you can find just the right one according to your budget. Maybe you’d like to rent a private villa with pool for your honeymoon … there’s plenty of those too. Could be you prefer to rent a self-catering apartment. No problem. In Malta and Gozo, you can find many affordable accommodation options.

So whether you’d like to stay in a luxurious 5 star hotel or spa, private villa or apartment, you can rest assured that the Maltese Islands have what you’re looking for.

Honeymoon in Malta: What's there to see?

As for sights and attractions, well it’s been said that the Maltese Islands are like an open air museum! 7000 years of history all wrapped in a country, twice the size of Washington D.C.!

Choose from medieval cities, fantastic beaches, scuba diving, walking, sailing, the oldest free standing structures (Neolithic Temples) in the world and much more …

You can make your stay in Malta as active or as relaxed as you like.

Some prefer to base themselves on Gozo Island, for total tranquility and bliss. They don’t call Gozo, “the island where time stood still” for nothing :)

Some couples choose to get married in Malta and spend their honeymoon on the Maltese Islands as well. In fact, getting married in Malta is becoming increasingly popular, especially for European couples. Others prefer to wed in their own country, then come to Malta just for their honeymoon.

If you’re thinking of spending your honeymoon in Malta, we urge you to have a good look around our website so that you’ll get a good idea of what the Maltese Islands have to offer and plan your Malta honeymoon accordingly.

Your Malta Honeymoon ... Romance at its best!

See you in Malta soon :)

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