Home Is Where The Heart Is

by Kat
(Sudbury, Ontario, Canada)

George Cross Award Commemorative Day

George Cross Award Commemorative Day

On the edge of burnout and desperately needing to get away, I talked to my husband Chuck, about planning a vacation. I said I wanted to see the country where he was born and raised. I wanted to see Malta. It was to be my very first trip anywhere outside of North America.

We started planning the trip immediately; finding an apartment, booking a rental car, making flight arrangements and finally, getting in touch with family that Chuck hadn't seen in over 30 years. The six months leading up to our trip were full of excitement and stories, research and pictures. But nothing was as exciting as finally touching ground at the airport.

We arrived on April 3, 2007 and my life hasn't been the same since.

We had made it across the ocean to a different country, a different culture, a different language.

As soon as we cleared customs there was a scream and Chuck's sister Connie was running towards us. Then came her husband George, her daughter Yana and daughter-in-law Fiona. Rib breaking hugs, and tears, and laughter, and even more tears ensued.

I knew at that moment, I had found a home.

For three incredible weeks, we revisited the places of Chuck's childhood and discovered all the new places that had grown up since he had left the Island.

We visited every historical and cultural site. We walked through the valleys, the fields, and the streets.

We attended the Strawberry Festival at Mgarr, the Good Friday procession at Mosta, and the Easter Sunday celebrations in Birgu.

Chuck and his family were concerned that the crowds would be overwhelming for me but all I could see were friendly, smiling faces. Kind faces. We visited with all the family and there was a LOT of family. Every day dawned with a new adventure just waiting around the corner.

I was in love with Malta.

Underneath all of the sightseeing and tours, throbbed the true heartbeat of my Malta experience - the people.

The Maltese people stole my heart. I have never felt so safe, so loved, and so cared for in my life. They treated me as if I had always been family, even complete strangers were there to laugh with us, talk with us, and share with us.

One memory that will live with me forever was sitting at an outdoor cafe in Valletta eating a freshly baked chicken pie with the sun shining and people all around us laughing and talking.

I remember thinking, "this is what life was meant to be like". I think that was the best meal I've ever had.

And then, time started to pass too quickly. The remaining week of our trip dwindled to a few days, then a few hours.

As we stood in the airport saying goodbyes, tears flowing, last hugs given, I felt that my heart would tear out of my chest and that I would never be whole again.

Before the plane had left the ground I had decided that, come hell or high water, I would live in Malta.

By the time we arrived at Heathrow, I had confirmed that Chuck felt the same. When we arrived at Toronto airport, we were trying to figure out how long it would take to sell everything and get "back home".

After a week of being back in Canada, still heartsick for Malta, reality sunk in.

We had family obligations (my parents are elderly and it would be wrong to leave them alone), work obligations, and life got in the way.

With help from Chuck's family, we've begun to make a stronger, more sensible (although far less romantic) action plan. I am learning the language and applying for my Maltese citizenship this year.

We will take things slowly, fulfill our obligations so when we move, it is with a clean slate.

When friends ask why I want to move this is what I tell them: The people are incredible, the food is wonderful, the culture is outstanding, the weather is beautiful, the history is mind boggling, there's never a dull moment ... how could I NOT want to move? And, why aren't you coming with me?

Congratulations Kat - You won our first "I love Malta" Contest!

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Oct 29, 2011
Mosta Malta, Europe
by: Anonymous

I was born in Malta and I came to Canada because of my partner. I miss Malta and I wish I could live in Malta again.

Oct 08, 2011
by: Lyndell

0ctober 2011

Kat hello, your story is just exquisite and some one should make it into a movie.

It is so surreal I had goose bumps the whole time I was reading your letter.

I have just met a man who is Maltese, he is so moving in every thing he says and does. Mmmmmm he is the whole package. I am an Australian. I have never met a man like him.

You are a legend for taking those steps for you and your family to have a superb life, so cool.

Good luck!


Sep 01, 2011
great photo!
by: Andre

Hey that is a fantastic photo .. and your story .. so typical of our island!

By the way .. I am the guy in the photo! Are you the photographer who took it so many years ago??

Congrats for winning the contest,


Aug 02, 2011
by: Neil

Well done Kat on your win, it was a truly wonderful story and a deserved winner :)

Jul 27, 2011
A woman after my own heart.
by: Anonymous

Well done Kat, what a lovely story.

I was lucky enough to live there for 18 months and then didn't go back for over 15 years and when I did it was like coming home.

Yes I agree with everything you say about the welcome you get. I felt like Royalty as my friends' faces lit up with beaming smiles as I came down the escalator at the airport.

It was also great to see my in-laws some of whom I had not seen for over 15 years. A week just isn't enough it passes so quickly.

I am saving hard to go back again asap hopefully for 2 weeks next time with my daughter so that she can meet the rest of her aunts, uncles and many cousins.

Would love to retire over there, but don't expect I'll ever be able to afford it, so will make sure I get back over there as often as possible.

Hope your dream to live there comes true soon.

Sahha x

Jul 27, 2011
Thank YOU!!!
by: Kat

A big hug and thank you to everyone who read my story and voted for it :) For those of you who also long to be back in your "second home", I hope your dreams come true! Perhaps by chance we will meet over a glass of wine there one day.

To my friends who have listened to me talk, and cry, and plan, thank you for being so supportive and know that our door will always be open to you when we move ... even if you can't fit in our suitcase. :)

To my husband and my family ... I love you ... MWA POP!!

And, thank you to Malta Bulb for sponsoring this contest and letting the world see how many people fall in love with your beautiful island and never want to leave. Each and every story that was written shows how much you have touched our hearts and our lives.

Jul 26, 2011
Malta (Qala,Gozo)
by: Betty

Wonderful story. I felt as you did when I was finally able to go and see where my husband was from.

My dream also is to move there 1 day.

Jul 25, 2011
:) :) :)
by: Rox

Awesome story Kat! Good job!!! :)

Jul 25, 2011
Great Tale ...
by: Handy Andy

Makes me want to go there, too ...

Jul 25, 2011
by: Kelly

I felt like I was reading a novel. I was waiting for something to happen. You should continue. Good piece!

Jul 25, 2011
What a great story and picture.
by: Peter Vendramin

I really enjoyed reading your story Kat and sharing with us this beautiful country. My wish for you is that you return one day for good to enjoy this special country!

Jul 25, 2011
by: Anonymous

Good luck, Kat!

Love Juju and Jojo

Jul 25, 2011
Now I understand
by: Mark Mathews

What a story, have these people asked you to work for them "YET" Kat, they should hire you, if they don't we need to talk. I knew you could write, but I was in tears reading this. I'll see you when I get back. Egypt calls, I'm routing through Malta.

Good luck.

Jul 25, 2011
Great story!!
by: Marion

This is such a great story and so well told. I felt like I was right there with you and now I want to go back with you too!!

Wishing you all the best in your future and all the best with your quest. I am very happy to vote for your story.

Thanks Brenda (Butterflymom) for passing this along.

Jul 25, 2011
by: Nicky MacDonald

What a beautifully candid piece. Makes ME want to go to Malta. Good luck hun!

Jul 25, 2011
Great story
by: abbycat

The love shows.

Jul 25, 2011
Warmth all around
by: Marcie

Well I'm sure I have relatives over there, when can you take me with you?

Jul 25, 2011
Loved the story
by: Judith

Excellent story, well told and inspirational. And I'm asking myself .... "Why aren't I going with you?"!

Jul 25, 2011
by: Kristine

Nothing like following your dreams! Can't wait for it to happen for you.

Good luck with the contest!

Jul 25, 2011
by: Anonymous

A beautiful story.

Jul 25, 2011
Heart warming
by: Jeanette

Beautiful story! Now I want to move there too!

I pray that your paperwork moves quickly & you make it "home" if not by this Christmas, then by next :)

Good luck!!

Jul 25, 2011
Makes me want to pack!
by: Anonymous

Great story!! I just wish I was small enough to hide in your suitcase.

Jul 25, 2011
by: MillieH


Jul 25, 2011
by: Anonymous

Beautiful story! Really inspires you to take a visit to Malta!

Jul 25, 2011
by: Anonymous

Hope all your dreams come true!

Jul 25, 2011
Great story
by: Derek

Hi Kat, great story.

Jul 25, 2011
Can I come too!
by: Mike C.

Great story Kat.

Jul 25, 2011
Beautiful Story
by: Joey

You deserve to win!!!!

Jul 25, 2011
Very good
by: Anonymous

Hello Author,

I really love your story. You deserve to win. And I wish I could vote more then once.

Good luck.

Jul 25, 2011
Nice Story
by: Jess, Marc and B

Just the place we want to visit. Wonderful Story. Good luck!

Jul 25, 2011
Wonderful story!
by: Janet Young

Good luck!

I hope you win this. Your story is fantastic!!

Jul 24, 2011
Beautiful Words...
by: Shell

My Dad is Maltese, and though he has been back to Malta, I have never been.

I already wanted to travel for a vacation there, but now you are helping me to make it not just a desire, but a need. Your story was beautiful, and brought tears to my eyes ... though I am a softy! lol

Best of luck in the contest!!!

Jul 24, 2011
I so wanna go
by: Anonymous

I understand.

Jul 24, 2011
Sharing your passion
by: Lynn

Kat, I envy your passion - you speak so lovingly of Malta. You have influenced so many of us, we want to learn more about this wonderful destination and its lovley people.

With your determination you will live your dream.

Jul 24, 2011
Awesome story
by: Lina

Great story Kat. Sounds like the kind of place I would like to be.

Hope you win.

Jul 24, 2011
A W O W Story
by: Kevin

Thanks for posting ... I loved it.

Jul 23, 2011
Kat's story
by: Anonymous

Loved your story!

Jul 23, 2011
by: Anonymous

Good luck Kat

Jul 23, 2011
by: Anonymous

Wonderful story!

Jul 23, 2011
Great story!
by: Michelle

What a great story! I'd love to visit Malta one day!

Jul 22, 2011
by: Anonymous

Must have been something, what a story.

Jul 22, 2011
by: Anonymous

Beautiful story!

Jul 22, 2011
by: Anonymous

It sounds worth the visit.

Jul 22, 2011
Would love to see it!
by: Anonymous

You've convinced me!

Jul 22, 2011
by: Anonymous

Wicked story Kat!!!!

Jul 22, 2011
Great story
by: Jess and B

We want to go and visit too. Great story Kat!!!

Jul 22, 2011
Pastizzi tal-Gobon
by: Nigel Wallace-Iles

There's no place like home .... there's no place like home ... there's no place like home!!!

Jul 22, 2011
You've got my vote!
by: Sarah

Beautiful story! Best of luck!

Jul 22, 2011
by: Mélanie

This story touches me deeply. I wish Kat her dream come true.

Jul 21, 2011
Beautiful ...
by: Melissa

You've made me want to visit this place I've not heard of before. You really have a way with words too.

Best of luck to you, Kat. You really deserve this!

Jul 21, 2011
Go Kat!
by: Anonymous

Wow Kat, you make me want to go to Malta now!!

Jul 21, 2011
Nice story ...
by: D. Mete

... made me think ... about all kinds of stuff ... Sounds like a nice place though.

Jul 21, 2011
Great Story
by: Brooklyn

Great story about the place where you want to be.

Jul 21, 2011
I vote for Kat

Your story makes me want to move there with you!


Jul 21, 2011
The Dream
by: F Sammut

Kat, your story brought tears to my eyes. Wish you all the best.

Hope your dream comes true.

Jul 21, 2011
by: TS

GO GO GO Kat! Great shot of the reanactment in Malta.

Jul 21, 2011
True Love for Malta
by: Anonymous

A story full of emotion and sweet memories. A very profound experience that is well-written and one which leaves the reader longing for Malta.

Well done!

Jul 20, 2011
by: Ela

It's really a nice story :)

Jul 19, 2011
by: monica

What a wonderful story. I hope you win. Best of luck :)

Jul 19, 2011
I'm convinced
by: Colleen Kleven

Dear Kat,

You convinced me!

I have just placed Malta at number one on the list of places I will visit during my lifetime. It's even pushed ahead of Australia and New Zealand.

Keep in touch.


Jul 16, 2011
Kat and Chuck's dream
by: Jen

Kat - I know how much you both love and miss Malta.

Your pictures you showed me seem magical and I know your heart is there especially after I read this story. One day Chuck and you will leave for there as you dream of doing and Sudbury will miss both of you and your artistic talent.

I hope you win girl - you deserve it!

Jen A.

Jul 15, 2011
Kat, Chuck & Malta - A Love Story
by: Cyndi I

I met Kat when she became my photography teacher. I had never heard of Malta (don't know where I thought Maltese dogs were from).

From the moment I met her, she talked about Malta, showed pictures of Malta, dreamed about Malta. There was even talk of planning a photography trip with willing participants to go to Malta around Easter. I can attest that every word she wrote is exactly how she feels about Malta (especially when winter sets in here in Canada).

One would think she was the one with Malta heritage because of her pride for this small country. If ever anyone deserved to win a contest based on their love of the country - it would be Kat!

Note to Kat: Very well written story - I could feel your emotion as I was reading it. Congrats on being a finalist, you deserve it.

Jul 15, 2011
by: Janet Young

What a great story! Now I want to go to Malta ... when do we leave?

Jul 15, 2011
Simply Beautiful
by: Monique Lachance Amos

Kat you just make me want to experience <3 Malta <3 with you, you should really write a book about this beautiful place! And I know you love it so much by your all your previous posts on FB, way before this contest! Love you lots my friend! xo

Jul 15, 2011
by: Kelsie


Jul 15, 2011
by: Anonymous

Wonderful, heartwarming story! I hope you win and are able to return soon!

Jul 15, 2011
Our Beloved Malta
by: Sunta

Very well said, and it brought tears to my eyes. Good luck to you!!

Jul 15, 2011
Love your story.
by: Anonymous

Hope you win. The way you feel about Malta you deserve it. I feel the same way.

Jul 15, 2011
Good luck
by: rose calleja

Great story, hope you win.

Jul 15, 2011
Home For Me Too
by: Lorraine Munro

I love the ethereal quality of your story, and it makes me yearn for my 'second home' too.

I have been coming to Malta since 2002, twice a year every year, and just long to be there when I am at home in Scotland.

I hope your story wins, as it has touched my own heart, and hopefully the hearts of lots of other people too.


Jul 14, 2011
Wonderful story
by: Joanna Villemere

That was wonderful Kat, I hope all of your dreams come true and you get to live happily ever after where ever that may be.

Jul 14, 2011
Who knows?
by: Anonymous

Anyone who knows Kat knows about her love of Malta :) Her stories often pique the interest of those of us who geographically speaking & generally had no idea about Malta to check it out. Good luck to you Kat. You NEED to be in Malta.


Jul 14, 2011
by: Anonymous

Love the story. Best wishes to you and Chuck. Get out there and enjoy it! :D

Jul 13, 2011
The perfect getaway
by: Ryan Newman

You can really tell where your heart is ... Great story and I'm sure you'll be back to see Chuck's family. Keep the dream alive!

Jul 13, 2011
Great Story!!!
by: Jessica

Great Story Kat, I know it is where you want to be. Your home away from home.

Jul 12, 2011
Malta visit
by: Wendy Craig

Lovely story from a lovely lady.

Makes me want to visit Malta too! If, no I mean when you move, perhaps a visit from a Canadian friend?

Jul 12, 2011
Home is Where the Heart is
by: Ann

Great story Kat. Remember when you get there Dan & I are coming to visit!

Good luck

Jul 12, 2011
put me in your suitcase
by: Anonymous

Love the picture.

I will miss you guys and I'm going to sneak into your suitcase :)

Jul 12, 2011
Great Story!
by: Andrea Tarini

That was such a great story .... good for you for making big plans to change it all to a life that most people can only imagine living!

Jul 12, 2011
Kat Loves Malta
by: Lorna

Knowing Kat as I do, she always speaks the truth from her heart.

I have never seen her so passionate about anything before. When she told me of her dream a few months ago, you could see a longing in her eyes for this wonderful place.

I hope you win, Kat. You deserve it. Good Luck!

Jul 12, 2011
by: Colleen

Since I've known you, you've always talked about your love of Malta, and I've enjoyed looking at all your pictures and listening to your stories.

You and Chuck make me want to travel there too, and when you do move, you'll have me for a visitor so I can experience all those great attributes first hand too!

Jul 12, 2011
Home Is Where The Heart Is
by: Mary C

This is such a lovely photo and heartfelt story.

I simply cannot think of anyone more deserving of having their wish come true. Good luck in the contest.

Jul 12, 2011
I know how you feel
by: Jenny

What a lovely story Kat. Thank you for sharing it with us.

I have lived in Malta four years. It has been the happiest time of my life. I retired and went travelling, Malta was the first place I visited, I was very nervous as I travelled alone.

I needn't have been. I fell in love with Malta, travelled a while but came back to Malta and have been here ever since.

I was swimming at 6.30 this morning at St. Paul's Bay, it was just heaven. I had the whole swimming area to myself, the sun had not long risen and the sea was blue and warm.

You will love it here as I do. So good luck and best wishes with such a lovely story.

Jul 12, 2011
by: Jenny

Your story rang true for me.

I've lived in a couple of cities and move quite often (my home now is the longest that I've stayed in one place). It made me realize that I"m still looking for "home". I'm glad you found yours, but you will be missed greatly when you move.

Jul 12, 2011
Great Story
by: Christina

What a great story Kat!! You and Chuck will be missed when you finally move home :)

Jul 12, 2011
Home really is where the heart is
by: Margie

Kat: You and Chuck are such great promotors of Malta that there is no doubt you will one day return to the place you fell in love with.

I loved the day I was treated to the food of Malta and looking at the child's language book. All I can say is that when you go I want to visit.

Good luck in the contest. You deserve the win.

Jul 12, 2011
Beautiful Kat
by: Shana


Jul 12, 2011
Great story
by: Christianne

Thanks for sharing your story.

While reading it I was getting butterflies in my stomach because I was imagining how my trips to Malta feel like.

At the same time I was sad because I am a Maltese that had to leave my beautiful country due to life circumstances but my heart is still there.

Irony of life is that I am Maltese and getting my Canadian citizenship and you are Canadian getting a Maltese citizenship :)

Jul 12, 2011
Wonderful story, Kat
by: Glenn

It is interesting how sometime we find home to be a place where we were neither born nor grew up.

Sometimes, as you tell us in your story, it is a place that we first visit only after we are well into our adult years.

Jul 12, 2011
heart felt
by: Lana Watier

Great story. I want to live there!

Jul 12, 2011
by: S. Twilley

My heart breaks as I read of you having to leave your new home. Although I am thankful you retunred, I cannot wait to send you off back to Malta, back where you obviously yearn to be.

Your story is beautiful, just like you. God bless!!

Jul 12, 2011
Amazing Story ... Felt the emotion, and passion in your words.
by: Pauline

Wow!! What a heartwarming story!! Good luck, to you both ... I hope you fullfill your wishes and dreams. You deserve this, you should win!!!

Jul 12, 2011
by: Trevor

I believe that you have captured so many emotions in the photo itself, then the added story framed the moment perfectly. Beautiful.

Jul 12, 2011
I know exactly where you are coming from!
by: Vicki Agius

Oh Kat, I enjoyed your story so much and identify with so much that you had to say!

My husband & I visited Malta on our honeymoon exactly 4 weeks after you were there in May 2007.

It was my first visit, but my husband who is Maltese born, was returning for the first time in 58 long years! What an emotional return it was for him & for me just sharing it with him.

From the tears we shed as the plane touched down at the airport on the first day, to the tears again when we had to leave 2 weeks later.

The beautiful country, wonderful family & the Maltese people & way of life won our hearts.

We are now so looking forward to returning in March next year, this time with my husband's sister, and his son & daughter in law & their young boys.

It will be so special sharing all we found in this amazing country with our family.

Very best wishes to you for the big move when the time comes!

Jul 12, 2011
Amazing story!
by: Patsy

Just reading it makes me want to go with you.

Jul 12, 2011
by: m4syth

Great story Katherine. Thank you for sharing your most personal feelings.

I remember when we spoke of your trip several years back. Malta was on and off my bucket list a couple of times, however after reading your story it is definitely back on and staying there ... who knows we may meet there some day!! M.

Jul 12, 2011
by: Travis

Fantastic little story Kat. I can really feel the emotion in the words. Good Luck!!!!!

Jul 12, 2011
Hoping you win
by: Di

Kat your story is very beautiful. Having visited Malta, I know how the beauty and people draw you in. You can be sure that if you fulfill your dream to move there, I will be on your doorstep for a visit.

Having gotten to know you and Chuck, you two will have no trouble fitting in with the Maltese people. Both your hearts are huge.

I am sending all my good vibes your way. Good Luck
:) Di

Jul 12, 2011
Heart warming!
by: Pauline

Perfectly captures the enveloping warmth of the Maltese people!

Jul 12, 2011
by: emma

Great story! I've had many happy times in Malta, fm my childhood yrs 2 teenage yrs, 29 now and hope 2 go bk 4 my 30th birthday!! best wishes xx

Jul 12, 2011
by: Berni

Great story, right from the heart.
I hope your wishes and dreams come true. Best of luck to you.

Jul 12, 2011
This deserves a WIN ...
by: Steve.

To read something so passionately written about the island and its people by a person who has never been here, with words coming from deep inside her heart and with such strong determination to make a gigantic move all the way from Canada, surely deserves to not only be appreciated by all but also to be awarded 1st prize.

Kate, on behalf of all Maltese around the world, I thank you for such nice, lovely and beautiful words and hope that you win this contest .... your dreams will come through, your courage and love make you strong, willing and successful ...

Steve Sciortino

Jul 12, 2011
Happy for you
by: LG

Amazing story, Kat. I can feel the pulling of your heart strings toward a place of rebirth. I'm so excited for both of you! And, I CANNOT wait to visit you there.

Congrats on being a finalist and GOOD LUCK!

Laurie G

Jul 12, 2011
Home Is Where My Heart Is
by: Hans Maerker

Kat describes that personal experience so well.

I can feel with her as I was in similar situation not so long ago. Just without family waiting for us. I was a 'gypsy' for many years in my life.

Being around the globe and staying in quite a few countries. Longest period outside Europe was for 10 years living and working in the United States.

Back in 2005/2006 my wife and I moved back to Europe, and started in Germany in my home town.

My wife is an American and wasn't used to live outside the U.S. in countries where she was forced to speak another language than English.

I loved the Mediterranean area and so we planned to check that lovely island of Malta. We came here for a visit in January, looking around and decided that THIS IS IT.

We rented an apartment, and my wife stayed while I flew back and took care of 'pulling our roots' in Germany. It was a brief but exhausting time for me with dissolving our household and having our belongings shipped over to Malta.

Nothing was sweeter than coming back to my wife who was waiting for me in Malta.

Now Malta is my home because that's where my heart is.

I'm going full time as a photographer and start here in Malta all over again, but this beautiful island is a unique pearl in the Mediterranean with its rich history and environment. Not to mention the friendly Maltese people who helped us to get familiar with that new territory.

I'm in love with Malta but I think that will happen to everybody who is willing to embrace that beautiful island with open arms.

Jul 12, 2011
Kat's Story on Malta
by: Butterflymom

Wow you have me hooked I want to go now too.

Great short story right to the bare bones and making sure everyone knows how wonderful a place Malta is.

You should be their travel Agent, I am sure tourism will grow from those who read your words. Well done. Good Luck Kat.

Home is where the heart is and we know where both your and Chuck's heart lies.

Going home when the time is right. Keep the faith and KNOW your dream will come true. HUGS

Jul 12, 2011
Sounds like home ...
by: Melanie

It sounds like a truly magical place. I hope you find your way back soon and will add Malta to my "bucket list" of places I must visit. Thanks for sharing.

Jul 12, 2011
Amazing story :D
by: Anonymous

This story was truly amazing, as I was reading it I could picture everything clearly in my mind.

This story gave me the chance to experience Malta from the comfort of my own home. I would love to visit someday, and I'm sure it will be just as beautiful as you described it Kat!

Good luck

Jennifer O'Byrn

Jul 12, 2011
by: bryan

I went to Malta in May for the first time @loved it, I would move there tomorrow if I could.

Jul 12, 2011
by: Kristina

What a touching story. It sounds like things are starting to materialize and this dream is becoming a reality.

I've never visited myself but it definitely is one of the places I've always wanted to journey on this earth. Good luck and congrats!

Jul 12, 2011
Great story!
by: Anonymous

Great story! I feel with you guys ... Wishing you all the best for your future and best of luck with moving to Malta! I love the place and will be going back there in a month.

Jul 12, 2011
going home
by: elizabeth tomlinson

I love your story. Like you if I didn't have family ties or work commitments I would be living in Malta. We go every year for our hols. As much as I love my country (Scotland) I would go and live in beautiful Malta.

Jul 12, 2011
Lovely story
by: Anonymous

This story makes me feel the same way about Malta and I don't even come from the country but love every minute of being there.

I have never felt so at home in a foreign country and this story is all the more poignant as this IS someone going home to where they belong.

Beautiful story and I hope it wins.

Jul 12, 2011
Great writing I wish you every success with your dream
by: Danny

Fabulous piece of writing.

I understand exactly how you feel as I am hoping that Malta will be my home this year ..... and I cannot wait ..... good luck with your dream.

Kind Regards


Jul 03, 2011
Great Story
by: Neil

I loved reading your story, although I have visited Malta on many occasions I have not made any plans to move there, however maybe one day I will live the dream like you're going to live yours.

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