Gozo Villas & Farmhouses: Your passport to complete privacy and tranquility!

Feel like escaping the crowds and putting all your worries behind? Then Gozo villas and farmhouses are just what you need!

Gozo island is the kind of place where you can forget all about your worries, relax and simply be you again. Choosing the right type of accommodation for your Gozo stay will enhance your holiday bliss even further!

Many visitors comment that they feel as if they were transported to another world when they set foot on Gozo.

Credit for this is to be given to the Gozitan people who are real proud of their tiny island and are adamant to keep it as it is or rather as it was decades and centuries ago!

gozo villas

Many stunning villas are readily available for short or long-term rentals ... an unforgettable holiday guaranteed!

Of course you will still find modern day commodities and comfort but the ambiance is one of total tranquility and relaxation.

Many of those who visit Gozo in fact end up falling in love with the Gozitan way of life and buy a holiday apartment.

Some even end up moving there for good. Yes, this is the kind of effect that Gozo has on most people!

And the Maltese are not immune to this effect either. In fact, many Maltese people have holiday apartments and houses in Gozo.

gozo villas with pools

Looking for a villa with pool in Gozo? No problem! You'll find plenty of these type of villas scattered all across the island!

Accommodation in Gozo: More affordable than ever before!

Over recent years, there’s been a trend on the island to renovate Gozo farmhouses and then rent them out for a few days to holiday makers. This has proven to be an extremely popular alternative to your usual hotel.

A Gozo farmhouse would typically have all the amenities that you can think of plus would most likely also have a BBQ area, sun terrace, swimming pool and fireplace.

Find your dream Gozo villa or farmhouse here!

Did you know that you can find your perfect Gozo villa super fast? How? Simply use the search box below!

Just click on "GO" and you will be taken to the TRIPADVISOR search box. All you have to do then is input "Island of Gozo" and your preferred dates and you will be given information about ALL Gozo villas that are available on your preferred dates.

No more pining after a particular villa only to find out that it's already booked.

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Give it a go. It couldn’t be easier or quicker! In addition, you can even contact the villa owner directly and ask any questions/concerns that you might have, WITHOUT any obligation whatsoever.

Final piece of advice!

The villas in Gozo are among the most luxurious villas you will find on the Maltese islands and are much sought after by visitors.

gozo villas

When people hear “villa” they often think that this type of accommodation will cost an arm and a leg.

But this is not necessarily the case here.

So if you’re thinking of staying for a couple of days on Gozo island, why not have a whole villa to yourself?

You will literally be in a world of your own when you stay in a Gozo villa or farmhouse.

And the beauty of it all is, that they can be quite affordable considering all the facilities that you will have at your disposal!

We strongly recommend that as soon as you find a Gozo villa or farmhouse that meets your requirements, you place a booking.

This is because there are only a limited number of these villas and farmhouses in Gozo.

Moreover, this type of accommodation is practically "fully" booked for a set period of time with just one booking, unlike a hotel which has lots of rooms available for the visitor.

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