Originally a fishing village, Marsalforn has been developed to become Gozo island’s largest and most popular seaside resort. Compared to other resorts in Malta though, Marsalforn is quite small.

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During the summer, it’s a lively resort which is also very popular with the locals, especially during the weekend. A lot of Maltese people choose Marsalforn as their weekend getaway too.

During off-peak seasons, there’s still some activity going on during the weekend, especially on Sunday since Marsalforn is perhaps the most popular place to hang out at for Gozitans.

You will find lots of restaurants in Marsalforn as well as cafes, grocery stores, banks, souvenier shops and also diving schools.  So if you want to learn to dive in Gozo, this seaside resort has a lot to offer. The Maltese islands have been voted among the top diving destinations in Europe for years and it’s a well known fact that the best diving is found in Gozo island. So why not go for the best?

As regards to sights, there’s not much to see in Marsalforn. This is also true for virtually all resorts in Malta. But the good thing about these resorts, is the fact that you’re right at the heart of all the action and yet you’re still pretty close to the major historical sights on the islands.

The tiny beach at the centre of Marsalforn is always busy during summer. If you want some quieter swimming spots, head to the bays of Qbajjar or Xwejni (to the north west). 

salt pans marsalforn gozo island

There you can also see the beautiful salt pans that date back to 1740. They are still in use to this day.

If you walk beyond the salt pans, you will get to the cliff-bound inlet of Wied l-Ghasri. This is a stunning picture perfect place and is also good for swimming and snorkeling. (Caution: It is recommended to avoid swimming here when the sea is rough).

When you’re approaching Marsalforn, be sure to look out for a very steep hill (it almost looks like a small volcano) where you will see a gigantic statue of Christ at the very top. This statue was erected in the 70’s and it replaced a wooden cross that had been there from the 1900s.

Hotels in Marsalforn

In Marsalforn, you can find plenty of self catering apartments as well as a couple of hostels and guest houses. Self catering apartments are very popular with Maltese people crossing over to Gozo island for the weekend.

The hotels in Marsalforn are very affordable and centrally located. Perhaps this is why they are often the preferred type of lodging for visitors.

How to get to Marsalforn

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