Gozo Attractions: Ta’ Gurdan Lighthouse

gozo attractions ta' gurdan lighthouse

This Gozo Attractions page focuses on one of the most famous landmarks on Gozo island.

If you’d like to catch a fantastic 360° view of Gozo, then Ta’ Gurdan Lighthouse is the place to go to!

The view from up there is especially lovely in winter, when the landscape is green.

This lighthouse rises to approximately 161 metres above sea level.

It overlooks the tiny village of Ghasri and is located in an area called Ta’ Gordan Hill.

Constructed in 1851 during the British period, the lighthouse was built to monitor and assist maritime traffic in the region.

In the old days, the lighthouse had several oil lamps on each of its 3 sides.

Centuries later the lighthouse became fully operated without manpower due to modern electromechanical systems and devices.

It is said that at night in the old days, its powerful beam could be see from practically everywhere on Gozo island.

The hilly walk to the lighthouse is very steep and can leave most breathless but the views from up there are truly worth it! Not to mention the blissful tranquility you’ll experience there too.

Today the lighthouse serves as a meteorological station.

Gozo Walking

If you’d like to do some Gozo walking, there’s a lovely walk which includes the Ta’ Gurdan Lighthouse. It’s a circular walk which starts and ends in Gharb, Gozo.

For more information on this walk, as well as many other country walks in Malta and Gozo, go to our Walking in Malta and Gozo page.

From that page, you can also download very detailed e-brochures on Malta and Gozo walks, free of charge!

A final word. Don’t forget your camera! At Ta’ Gurdan Lighthouse you’ll get plenty of chances to take some stunning Gozo photos.

Ta' Gurdan Lighthouse: Getting there

Go to www.publictransport.com.mt to find out which is the best bus route/s to take for this site, depending on where you're leaving from.

There’s a small car park on the shoulder of the hill, if you’re going there by car.

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