Gozo Attractions: Ghasri Valley

The epitome of picture perfect!

One of the most picturesque Gozo attractions is Ghasri Valley. This place is literally a perfect postcard moment!

gozo attractions ghasri valley

Ghasri Valley or Wied l-Ghasri as it’s known in Maltese, is a stunning narrow cliff-bound inlet located in the tiny village of Ghasri on Gozo island. The population of the village is just over 400 people!

One of the most photogenic places from all Gozo Attractions

A deep gorge approximately 300 metres long, the valley has a flight of stairs into the side of the cliff which give access to the inner mouth of the creek.

The Ghasri Valley is also very popular with divers for its Cathedral Cave.

This is an underwater cave located between Reqqa Point and Forna point.

You can access the cave from the shore but it’s a tough climb especially if it has rained and there’s also a long swim to get to the cave. Your best option would be to get to the cave by boat.

This cave dive is good for all levels of diving skills.

Depth of cave is between 12 metres to 30 metres. Average Visibility: 25 metres.

The narrow and secluded pebble bay is a “hidden” gem to swim in, if the sea is calm.

It’s also a good spot for snorkeling.

CAUTION: Avoid swimming in the bay and also snorkeling along the cliffs, if the sea is rough. It can get really dangerous with the waves crashing up the narrow inlet.

In spring and winter, the area also makes for a lovely country walk or cycling site.

Wied l-Ghasri: Getting there

There is no public transport to Wied l-Ghasri.

You can get to Wied l-Ghasri from the village square in Ghasri.

Ghasri Valley can also be reached from Marsalforn. You must first get to the salt pans beyond Xwieni Bay and then it’s roughly a half an hour walk till you get to the valley.

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