Braving the winds at Golden Bay

What an incredibly windy day today. Well at least it’s sunny so can’t really complain :) Been working hard lately so this morning I’ve decided that it was time for one of my outdoor um adventures again. Destination Golden Bay, also known as Golden Sands.

For no particular reason, other than it’s one of my favourite beaches on the islands and it’s also one of the most popular beaches in Malta. There’ll be no swimming from me today though, just a nice walk along the beach and exploring the surrounding area.

Decided to take a lift today but you can easily reach Golden Bay by bus if you wish.

golden bay malta

There are some lovely walks in the Golden Bay area. At one point I came across some tourists doing some horse riding. There’s a popular horse riding school here and although I’ve never been, I’ve heard that horse riding in Golden Sands and Ghajn Tuffieha is magical.

horse riding in malta golden bay

If you want to learn more about these two stunning beaches, go to our Malta Beaches: Golden Bay and Ghajn Tuffieha page for more information.

golden bay malta

Hey I also saw a chameleon today! It seemed lost poor thing because it was right in the middle of this huge stretch of empty space just before you reach the luxurious hotel at Golden Sands. From what I’ve heard, chameleons are not indigenous to Malta, so this little cute one must have been someone’s pet and escaped!

golden bay malta

We decided to put the chameleon near some bushes and not leave it in the middle of the street because it could get run over by cars. We barely saw it in the first place!

When I reached the bay, it was even more windy! So I decided to skip the walking on the beach part and just made my way to a snack bar to have a nice cup of cappucino. I have such a tough job! :) [Editor: Don’t push your luck now.]

Wow the sea was soooo rough, it was incredible! One word of caution for whoever is reading this and is going for a swim at Golden Sands or Ghajn Tuffieha. Please be careful and stay safe. If it’s too windy and the sea is rough, do not swim! These two bays are stunning but can be quite dangerous when the north wind is blowing.

After my cappucino at Golden Sands, it was time to make my way to Ghajn Tuffieha. This bay is slightly less popular than Golden Bay, but no less beautiful!

ghajn tuffieha tower

In Malta you cannot really escape history. In fact, there’s a Knights of Malta tower overlooking the beach :)

The Ghajn Tuffieha Tower is one of five towers that Grand Master Juan de Lascaris-Castellar built.

In the old days, it was armed with a half pounder gun and four soldiers were stationed there.

Even though it was a nice sunny day, I was feeling a bit cold because of the wind … I know I have fur but I’m tiny you see :) so I decided to head back home for a cup of hot coffee and dig into some marshmallows. Mmmmmmm!

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