Ghasri Gozo

Discover the many attractions of this beautiful tiny village

Ghasri village is located on a plain piece of land in between a hilly terrain. It is by far one of the smallest villages that you’ll find on Gozo island. From the hills that surround this village, you can savour many breathtaking views and scenery.

Small, quiet and peaceful is how best one can describe this village. Perfect if you want to really get away from it all during your vacation!

One of the main landmarks of the village is a lighthouse on a hill called Ta’ Gurdan or Gordan Hill in English. The lighthouse is the first one that was ever built on the island. Since the lighthouse is situated on a hill, if you decide to go there, you’ll be rewarded with wonderful views of Gozitan hills, valleys and scenery.

ghasri village and valley gozo

Another popular and something that should be on your “must visit” list is the stunning Wied l-Ghasri.

This valley is truly breathtaking! If you decide to go and have a look at this wonderful valley, be sure to take your camera with you since this is one of the most photogenic sites in Gozo!

Can you guess the population of this village?

Just 417 inhabitants. This makes it the smallest one (population wise) in Gozo.

The village offers many lovely country walks and is a favourite with cyclists too. 

What else can you see in Ghasri?

In addition to the parish church, in this village there are also a couple of really old chapels that are worth a mention. The chapel in Church Street was built in the 16th century.

Another chapel located in a lane off Ghammar Street was built in the 17th century.

Another attraction in this village is Ghammar Hill. This hill offers spectacular views! Moreover, the hill is also home to a set of life size marble statues designed by Alfred Camilleri Cauchi. These statues represent the Way of the Cross and are therefore a much visited site by pilgrims, especially during Holy Week.

If you have the time while wandering around this village, look out for two Maxrabija windows. On Gozo there are only 3 windows of this type! What’s so special about these windows?

Maxrabija windows are purposely designed so that whoever is on the inside can look outside, without being seen from passers by outside! These types of windows are made entirely from stone.

The two in Ghasri are located in Ghammar Street (near St Publius Chapel) and in Lighthouse Street. Definitely something different. 

Accommodation in Ghasri

In this tiny village, you will find a good choice of traditional Gozo farmhouses. Perfect if you want to have your own privacy and literally experience Gozo at your own pace and on your own terms.

Check out our interactive map below to see what accommodation is available in Ghasri and nearby.

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