Mesmerized by the beauty of Ghar Lapsi

Woke up feeling a little grumpy today. Weather’s a bit cloudy. [Editor: You know you can’t always have good weather] ... You’re right boss.

I decided to have some pastizzi to cheer me up. For those of you who don’t know what pastizzi are … you should be ashamed of yourselves :) OK OK, they’re these little yummy cheese cakes (they could be filled with peas or with ricotta cheese). I like both types! Mmmmmmmmmm …. I have to write about these glorious cakes from Malta sometime. [Editor: Can you please get on with it?]

Yes um where was I? …. Today I decided to go and explore this famous cave that is located in the southeast of Malta. I’m talking about Ghar Lapsi, which in English means Ascension Cave.

maltese boats at ghar lapsi siggiewi malta

My boss very kindly offered to give me a lift to Ghar Lapsi. It’s a bit tricky to get there by bus you see, especially for a little teddy bear like me! You can always walk it from Siggiewi but today I didn’t feel like walking :)

The road down to Ghar Lapsi is very steep, long and winding. But it’s well worth it!

ghar lapsi siggiewi malta

Some info on the area …

It’s a popular spot for fishermen, divers and snorkelers alike. It’s also a beautiful area for picnics. The cave lies below a stretch of Dingli Cliffs. It’s just a kilometre south-west of the magnificent Blue Grotto.

In summer, the rocky inlet and cave become very popular with swimmers. There are some flat rocks that are good for sunbathing but there’s no beach. Kids love taking turns to dive into the water off the rocks.

On a day like today, the area is ideal for long walks along the coastline. There’s also some good rock climbing spots here.

If you start feeling peckish, there’s a restaurant that is open all year where you can sample some traditional Maltese food such as lampuki (dolphin fish), stewed octopus and more. (Smaller snack bars are open only during the peak season).

The sea views from here are breathtaking! I could even see Filfla island in the distance, even though it was a bit cloudy today.

filfla island malta

I walked for a few minutes along the coastline but got tired quickly. Must be those pastizzi I had eaten earlier … they always make me sleepy :)

Soon it was time to go back to my um office again, grab a cup of coffee and write this blog for you.

Until next time …

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