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Want to find cheap flights to Malta?  Nowadays there are many websites offering bargain flights to Malta and it often takes ages to find the best deal. Generally, you have to first look up all the websites separately and then compare prices accordingly. It is not uncommon to find that the first cheap flight that you found has since become fully booked!

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Malta flights used to be somewhat highly priced in the past, and getting to the Maltese islands was proving to be a bit too expensive for some. Still that didn’t seem to have kept visitors away. A couple of years ago though, low budget airlines such as EasyJet and RyanAir were introduced and this has brought Malta flights' prices down.

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The increase in competition has now made it possible for those who wish to visit the Maltese islands, to find cheap flights to Malta. Major European airlines fly to Malta direct. These include Lufthansa, KLM and Swissair.

The Maltese national airline is AirMalta and it dominates the market. Chartered flights are also available. As can be expected with the fantastic Malta weather in summer, the number of flights during this peak season is increased tremendously to keep up with demand.

It could be that if you’re visiting in summer, you may be a little hard pressed to find discounted flights. However, being that the weather is warm and pleasant most of the time, you can easily plan your holidays in Malta around spring, autumn or even winter and still have a fantastic time.

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You can really find some great bargains these days with the low cost airlines sometimes offering unbelievable prices!

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All flights land at the Malta International Airport. The airport is just a few kilometres away from the capital city, Valletta. The Malta International Airport has a host of facilities that include foreign exchange booths, restaurants and bus and taxi services. The Tourist Information Office at the airport is open daily.

Another option would be to get to Malta by sea. Major ports in the southern Mediterranean run regular ferry services to Malta.

We recommend that you go through our site carefully, before you effect any bookings. Determine which attractions in Malta are an absolute must-see for you, then estimate the amount of days that you'd need to really savor them and book accordingly.

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