The Fire Department Maltese Cross: A symbol of courage, bravery and sacrifice!

The Fire Department Maltese Cross is a different version of the original Maltese Cross used by the Knights of Malta.

The origins of this cross date back to 1113 AD. The Knights Hospitaller were a group of monks who cared for the ill and injured. During the first Crusades, the Knights played a crucial role in defending and winning back the Holy Land.

fire department maltese cross

Facing very fierce opponents, the Knights had to defend themselves against fire bombs with flammable liquids. Fighting the flames, the courageous Knights of St. John (as they were also called) often risked their lives to save others.

But the Knights' bravery and courage did not stop with the Crusades. The Knights were later on transferred to a tiny island right at the heart of the Mediterranean. That island is called Malta.

Malta is an archipelago of islands with a mainland (Malta), a sister island called Gozo and another small beautiful islet named Comino.

On the Maltese Islands, the Knights became widely known as the Knights of Malta and news of their courage spread like wild fire all across Europe when together with the Maltese people, they won an epic battle against the Ottoman Empire. That heroic battle is known as the Great Siege of Malta.

Their legacy on the Maltese Islands is still felt strongly to this day.

The Maltese Cross became the Knights of Malta’s official symbol and is proudly displayed on their flag and on the many impressive baroque palaces and buildings that adorn the tiny island.

Due to the huge resemblance in symbolism between the Knights of Malta’s courage and bravery and firefighters, the Maltese Cross was adopted by the Fire Service in the U.S.A. as their symbol as well.

The Fire Department Maltese Cross is in fact widely popular and immediately recognized and associated with firefighters since it's seen on their insignia.

However, it must be noted here that the Firefighters Maltese Cross looks different than the original one used by the Knights.

The cross used by Fire Departments across the U.S.A. is essentially a St. Florian Cross. St. Florian is the patron saint of firefighters.

Irrespective of the different design, the Fire Dept Maltese Cross showcases the noble qualities of courage and sacrifice that every firefighter has.

Nowadays, the popularity of the Fire Maltese Cross is immense and one can find many apparel such as Maltese Cross tshirts, jewelry, accessories and collectibles with the beautiful Firefighter Maltese Cross on them.

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