Festa tal-Madonna tal-Gilju Mqabba 2012

Experience some of the most spectacular fireworks you’ll ever see!

The Festa tal-Madonna tal-Gilju, which in English means the feast of Our Lady of Lilies, is celebrated in the small, charming village of Mqabba.

Other villages nearby include Qrendi, Zurrieq and Siggiewi. The population of Mqabba amounts to around 2,700.

The locality is well known for its beautiful gebla tal-franka (Globigerina limestone).

festa tal-madonna tal-gilju mqabba

It’s no coincidence then, that in Mqabba you’ll find some of Malta’s best soft stone quarries!

The feast of Our Lady of Lilies is held on the third Sunday of June.

So in 2012, the feast is going to be held on the 17th of June.

The residents of this village are known all across the Maltese Islands for their enthusiasm towards their festas.

Although it doesn’t look like it, the Festa tal-Madonna tal-Gilju is actually the secondary feast in this village … the main festa being that of the Assumption of St. Mary which is held in August. Other feasts that are celebrated in Mqabba include the Immaculate Conception and Corpus Domini.

Mqabba is also famous in Malta and overseas for producing some of the best fireworks displays (air & land) that you can ever see.

fireworks festa tal-madonna tal-gilju mqabba

fireworks festa tal-madonna tal-gilju mqabba

So if you like fireworks, this is one festa you wouldn’t want to miss! Be sure to check out their renowned display wherein the fireworks are let off in perfect synchronization to music!

This year is pretty special because they're celebrating the centenary anniversary! Festa related activities in fact have been going on for weeks.

Mqabba has two brass band clubs, namely the Our Lady of Lily Band Club and the Society of St. Mary and King George V Band Club.

For more information on this feast, contact the Mqabba Local Council on Tel. No. ++356 21 680622 or email them at mqabba.lc@gov.mt. You will also find additional info and all the latest updates on the Lady of Lily Band Club’s website www.talgilju.com.

Getting there

Go to www.publictransport.com.mt to determine which is the best bus route to take to Mqabba, according to the location that you are departing from.

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