Ready for some surprising facts about Malta?

Want some fascinating and fun facts about Malta? OK, what do the Maltese Falcon, Gladiator The Movie, Maltese Dogs and the Lost City of Atlantis have in common? Read on to find out!


The 1941 movie based on a novel with the same name, opens with the following line …

maltese falcon movie

Although this statement was incorrect on many accounts, the movie was a huge success and is regarded as one of the best in its genre.

The story revolves around a private detective’s dealings with unscrupulous adventurers who are all after the famous Maltese falcon statuette.

Although no Maltese Falcon jewel encrusted statuette existed, the Knights of Malta were in fact required to pay Charles V an annual fee of one Maltese falcon – only it had to be alive not in the form of a statuette.

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The Maltese breed is one of the oldest in the world.

The origins of this dog breed can be traced back to Malta.

Well known with Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs and Normans, there are two school of thoughts as to how the Maltese dog found itself on the island.

Some say that it was the ancient Phoenicians that first introduced the dog to Malta while others believe that the Maltese was an indigenous specie to Malta and grew in popularity when it was used as barter across the globe.

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The Oscar winning Russell Crowe movie Gladiator, has fascinated movie goers worldwide.

But did you think that Russell Crowe was in Rome’s Colosseum in the many gladiator fighting scenes of the movie? If you answered yes, than you’re wrong!

Those parts of the movie were actually filmed in Malta. A replica of the famous Colosseum was built in Fort Ricasoli, Malta.

In addition, a night scene from Gladiator was filmed just outside Vittoriosa at Couvre Port.

Bet you didn't expect the Gladiator to form part of this Fun Facts About Malta page did you?


The wonderful story of Atlantis has been growing in popularity for decades. This had to led to many debates from scientists and historians.

Although many consider Atlantis as fiction, the fascination that a lot of people have with the city’s story cannot be denied.

And guess what? Many believe that Malta is indeed the famous Lost City of Atlantis … together with a host of other proposed locations such as Crete, Cyprus, Sicily and Troy ;-)

Amazing how a tiny, somewhat unknown island like Malta is associated with movies, legends, books and breeds of dogs that are hugely popular all across the globe, isn't it?

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