Useful European Travel Tips to make your Malta Holidays truly unforgettable

european travel tips

Do you have any European travel tips that you can give us? We get this question a lot.

If you've had a quick look at this website, you may have realized that Malta is incredibly tiny. Make no mistake though, there's loads to see and do on the Maltese Islands!

This website is specifically intended to help you decide what things you'd like to do while in Malta and which ones to leave out. Everyone's different and what might sound interesting to one traveler, may be in fact a total bore to another.

What makes things even more “complicated” is the fact that the Maltese Islands are blessed with a strategically positioned location.

Since the islands are right at the heart of the Mediterranean, many visitors combine their Malta holidays with other trips, where they explore other parts of the Mediterranean and Europe.

We often get queries from visitors (mostly from non-Europeans), asking us to recommend the number of days to stay in Malta, which countries should they visit before or after Malta, best flight routes to take and so on.

In this section, we provide some essential European travel tips, that will hopefully help you with your vacation planning and make your Malta holidays and other trips to Mediterranean and European countries truly memorable.

Essential European Travel Tips

Planning a vacation is half the fun! Let's start with some basic travel tips first …

Make a copy of your documents.

Make photocopies of your passport, ID card and other identification documents. Take a set of copies with you and leave another set of copies with relatives back home. This way, if your passport or driver’s license is lost or stolen while on your European vacation, you'll have a copy with you and another one at home.

Consider getting a phrase book.

A phrase book is not really needed in Malta, but it could come in handy in other European countries. You do not need to be fluent in the language of all the countries that you shall be visiting in Europe, but it helps to have a phrase book at hand to get around.

Resign yourself that you simply cannot see it all.

We see this a lot. Because Malta is so small, visitors often make the mistake of thinking that they can see EVERYTHING in a few days. You can't. So it's best not to even try … you'll only end up feeling rushed. Plus you won't have the time to really appreciate what you're seeing or experiencing.

european travel tips

This is even more true if you're planning to visit more than one country in one trip.

Europe is not some sort of “block” that you can easily see in a couple of weeks. Sure you can spend your days hopping from one country to another, but in so doing can you honestly say that you've really “seen” Europe?

Read up on the sites and things that interest you the most, decide on which ones to visit and allow some time to really take in the experience.

Follow these simple European travel tips and you'll be well on your way to having a European vacation of a lifetime!

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