English School Malta: Learn English in Malta or Gozo and have fun while studying!

Our English School Malta page provides information on why you should consider studying English on the Maltese islands, as well as lists all the major Malta English Language Schools.

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Hone your English language skills while having easy access to some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean!

English School Malta: So why the Maltese Islands?

There are many reasons why thousands of students each year choose Malta to learn English.

The Maltese islands offer a safe and friendly environment. In fact, the islands have one of the lowest crime rates in Europe. The Maltese people are very welcoming and you will usually find that they’re very helpful especially with visitors.

Featured English Language School


Want to learn English in Malta? Why not go for the best?

Check out Maltalingua, a new language school with fantastic tutors, excellent facilities and a swimming pool right at the heart of the school!

For more info on Maltalingua, click here.

Perhaps the number one reason why many students choose Malta to study English, is the fact that virtually everyone speaks English on the Maltese islands.

This is a legacy of British rule which lasted some 160 years. Maltese and English are in fact the official languages on the island.

What better way to learn the language then having the ability to interact with English speaking people on a daily basis while still being able to enjoy the glorious Mediterranean climate and all that Malta has to offer!

Since the island is so small, you don’t have to break the bank to have a look around either. In fact, if you’re in a central position you’re pretty much close to everything that might interest you.

So when you think that Malta, Gozo island and Comino have some 7000 years of history, numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites, the oldest free standing structures in the world, fantastic beaches and awesome weather, are you really surprised that so many students want to study English in Malta and nowhere else?

And let’s not forget the nightlife!

Some of the best clubs and bars in the Mediterranean are waiting just for you in Malta. And whats more, if you stay in Sliema or St Julians, you’ll literally be within walking distance to Paceville, the mecca of nightlife in Malta! So no need to fork out any money on transport.

Malta Visa Requirements

To check whether you require a VISA to study in Malta, click here and go through the sections that apply to you for more information.

English School Malta: Student Accommodation

There are many affordable student accommodation on the Maltese islands, ranging from hostels, studio apartments as well as friendly Malta host families.

Your English school in Malta can usually help in finding just the perfect type of accommodation for you, according to your requirements and budget.

If you'd like to get a rough idea of what to expect as regards to apartment rates, visit our Self Catering Malta page for more details.

If you're thinking of choosing a short English course, then staying at a 3 star hotel may prove to be a better option. Visit our 3 star hotels in Malta page for more info on this type of accommodation.

What English courses are available?

Most English Language Schools in Malta offer tailor made courses to meet the ever changing needs of their students. All schools offer both teenage and adult courses. Some schools operate only during the summer months, while others offer courses throughout the year.

Types of English courses on offer is vast and includes:

General English Courses

Medical English Courses

Business English Courses

Preparation Courses for IELTS

Preparation Courses for Cambridge ESOL

English School Malta: List of Licensed Schools

So you’ve decided that Malta is going to be the country where you will learn English. Now all you have to do is choose your school.

For the full list of licensed English Language Schools in Malta, visit www.education.gov.mt.

See you in Malta! :)

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