Dwejra and its many attractions

Fungus Rock, Azure Window and lots more!

Did you know that the Dwejra area on Gozo island has been seeing different forms of human activity for some 7000 years? Incredible isn’t it?

Archaeologists and historians believe that pottery shreds that were found in the area, date back to the Neolithic period! Remains from the Bronze Age were also found here. In addition, large stones found in the area have been confirmed as being from the Roman period.

The many attractions of Dwejra

- Fungus Rock

Known locally as “Il-Gebla tal-General”, meaning the General’s rock, Fungus Rock rises about 50 metres above sea-level.

Nowadays it makes for a great photo opportunity. However, this is not the main reason for its fame.

During the Knights of Malta period, the rock was well guarded. Something very valuable used to (and still) grows on the rock … specifically, the parasitic flowering plant cynomorium coccineum.

This plant was believed to have medicinal healing powers and was thought to have the ability to cure many medical conditions.

To this regard, the Grandmaster of the time gave out orders that access to the rock was to be strictly forbidden!

The plant is said to have astringent and haeomostatic properties and the knights used to guard the crop diligently against any poachers. For maximum benefit, they used to pulverize the dried tubers and mix the powder with syrup or a type of jelly for internal dosage.

Samples of the plant used to also be sent to royals in Europe as a gift from the Grandmaster.

fungus rock dwejra gozo

- The Coastal Watch Tower

The tower that watches over the area was built in 1652 and is simply known as Dwejra Tower. In addition to alerting the locals of possible attacks, the tower was also built to guard the much coveted Fungus Rock.

In the old days, this tower used to be armed and it had a garrison of three.

- Dwejra Bay (Inland Sea)

A cliff-circled bay with a natural archway, this beautiful bay is essentially a small stretch of inland sea.

The area is home to some of the most beautiful scenery you’ll see in Gozo.

From the bay you can get a boat trip that will go through the archway into the open sea. You’ll be greatly rewarded because you’ll get to see stunning views of the bay, Fungus Rock, the magnificent Azure Window, caves and more.

dwejra bay

- Azure Window

If you only have time to visit a few attractions in Gozo, then the Azure Window should definitely be one of them! No amount of photos can ever do justice to this stunning natural archway!

You just have to be there and experience it. Learn more about this beautiful awe-inspiring site, by visiting our Azure Window page.

dwejra azure window

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