The Diving in Malta Experience

Fantastic visibility, awesome cave dives, pristine reefs and more!

If you love diving, then diving in Malta is something that you must experience at least once during your holidays on the Maltese islands.

The Maltese islands offer some of the best diving in the Mediterranean. The islands in fact attract thousands of diving enthusiasts each year.

Apart from the spectacular sea-scapes, and in some places, the awesome scenery on the way to the actual dives, it is perhaps the underwater visibility that has made Malta a favourite diving destination.

diving in malta

Visibility is simply excellent here, ranging from 20m (Spring & Autumn) to 45m (from: November to March).

So no matter when you come over, you are guaranteed an unforgettable Malta diving experience.

The fantastic Mediterranean weather allows for year-round diving with water temperatures going down to about 15 degrees Celsius in winter.

With this kind of Malta weather even winter can prove to be an awesome diving experience here.

diving in malta and gozo

The Maltese archipelago consists of three main islands, which are Malta, Gozo and Comino.

Malta offers many fantastic wreck dives and also some spectacular cave dives.

For more information on the main dive sites in Malta, visit our Diving Holiday Malta: Main Dive Sites page.

If you want more information on the top dives sites in Comino, visit our Dive Sites in Malta: Comino page for more details.

Gozo by far offers the greatest diving spots.

For the best scuba diving in Gozo, go diving just off Dwejra.

If you'd like to know which are the top dive sites in Gozo, go to our

Scuba Diving in Gozo page for more information and details about diving in Gozo.

cave diving in malta

You can find diving centres all across the Maltese islands. All are professional and affiliated with international diving schools such as PADI and CMAS. If you’ve never dived before, you can still experience Malta scuba diving.

This is because all diving schools offer standard beginners courses as well as specialized course such as cave diving.

Visit Malta, the official tourism site for Malta, Gozo and Comino has an interesting interactive map that shows you where all the diving sites on the Maltese islands are located.

If you love the sea and have always wanted to experience diving, then the Maltese islands can prove to be just the place to do that.

A lot has been said about diving in Malta. Those who’ve experienced it, will tell you that they will cherish their Malta diving memories forever.

If you’re a passionate diver, then this is something that you really must do, before you leave the Maltese islands!

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