Best Dive Sites in Malta: Comino

Some of the best dive sites in Malta are found on the fascinating island of Comino.

With its clear turquoise waters and remote coves, Comino is a tiny island that simply captivates anyone that is fortunate enough to set foot on it!

dive sites in malta comino

dive sites in comino malta comino

Diving on Comino island is simply magical!

Excellent diving conditions make this small island a very popular spot for scuba divers.

Discover the caves and gaze in awe at the wonderful marine life. Simply not to be missed if you’re a diving enthusiast!

Dive Sites in Malta: Top Comino Dive Sites

Irqiqa Point

Located on the southwestern tip of the island, this site has a beautiful drop-off to 40 metres. When you dive here, you will see shoals of sardines and bogue. They’re usually the prey of amber-jacks and dentex. Possibility of seeing bream and brown meagre too. Maximum depth: 50 metres.

Santa Marija Caves

This is one of the most popular diving locations in Comino. The caves offer some excellent shallow diving. A magical place for the underwater photographer in you. Expect to see many small fish, groupers and moray eels. Maximum depth: 20 metes.

Lantern Point

This dive site is a boat dive. Home for large groupers and sometimes dentex, this dive offers a vertical tunnel which drops down to some 16 metres as well as swimthroughs. Maximum depth: 50 metres

If you’d like to get to know the island of Comino better, go to the Blue Lagoon page where you’ll find more info on things to do in Comino, main beaches and historical sites as well as accommodation details.

See you in Comino. Underwater camera is obligatory!

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