Dingli Cliffs

Great walking opportunities and stunning scenery awaits you!

Dingli Cliffs are named after the Maltese Architect Tommaso Dingli (1591 – 1666).

The cliffs are located less than a kilometre to the southwest of the village of Dingli, and are 220 metres high. They're the highest point in Malta!

An isolated chapel makes for a charming landmark. Built in the 17th century, the Chapel of St Mary Magdalene offers some of the most beautiful views you can get from these cliffs. From here, you can also see the tiny uninhabited islet of Filfla.

dingli cliffs st mary magdalene chapel

If you're going to go by bus, you will need to walk for a while, because the bus stops in the village of Dingli. Your walk will be worth it though, because these cliffs are simply breathtaking. Not to mention the pure fresh air and the peace and tranquillity that the area boasts.

Definitely a lovely, relaxing way to spend a few hours in the morning or afternoon while on your Malta holidays!

dingli cliffs views malta

If you're interested in really exploring the area, then you can also go to the beautiful Buskett Gardens. The gardens are located between the cliffs and Rabat. Buskett is Malta's only woodland. It was originally a favourite hunting ground for the Knights of Malta.

Rabat is about half an hour away and offers many interesting sites such as St. Paul's Catacombs and the Roman Villa.

A lot of visitors to this area go there by car. This gives you the freedom to walk as much or as little as you like. Sunsets here are simply breathtaking!

dingli cliffs limits of rabat malta

If you suddenly feel peckish while exploring the area, then there's a popular friendly restaurant which serves delicious local specialities such as Maltese fried rabbit. This place is especially popular on Sundays.

Dingli Cliffs: Getting there

If you're going to the cliffs by bus, visit www.publictransport.com.mt to find out which is the best bus to take to get to this site, depending on your departure location.

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