Details of Hotels in Malta and Gozo

Best deals plus plenty of reviews from other travellers!

This section gives you all the details of hotels in Malta and Gozo, relevant information on Malta hotels in general plus the chance to read reviews from other travellers on the hotels they've stayed in during their Malta holidays.

You will find hundreds of hotels in Malta and Gozo. A hotel could be anything from an old charming townhouse converted into a hotel to a modern luxury hotel with a private marina.

As with any other country, you get those hotels that you'd wish you'd never have to leave and unfortunately there are also a few hotels (mostly 3 star) that are in bad need of renovation.

Four star and Five star hotels in Malta are usually equipped with a couple of restaurants, bars and cafes, indoor and outdoor pools and also a gym. Quite a few also have health spas as well as a private beachside lido for hotel residents.

As regards to rates, they vary greatly between each hotel and also according to time of year. In general though, you can expect to pay anything between Euro 25.00 per person to Euro 120.00 per person.

During the low season, there's a good chance that you'll get some fantastic deals since a lot of the hotels offer greatly reduced rates … some even offer 50% discounts!

During this time, you'll find that a lot of 3 star hotels will have similar rates to other forms of cheap accommodation in Malta, such as guest houses and even hostels.

We've compiled this page so that you can get all the information on hotels in Malta in one place.

Hotels are divided according to their location, so for example if you're looking for details on hotels in Mellieha, just click on the related blue link further down this page and you will get a list of all the hotels in that area. You will also get details of the facilities and amenities they have and a map indicating the exact location of each hotel.

In addition, you will also be able to read reviews from other travellers. These reviews can prove to be a very important deciding factor when you're trying to choose which hotel to stay in. Also watch out for any great deals being offered!

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San Lawrenz


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