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Discover why Malta cruises are so alluring!

Thinking of visiting Malta on a cruise ship? Our Cruise Malta page provides valuable information on the Grand Harbour, how to best spend your time in Malta and more. Over recent years, Malta has become increasingly popular with cruise passengers. Valletta, which is the capital of Malta, is the port of call for all Malta cruises and is one of the most visited ports in Europe. 

cruise malta grand harbour

You'll fall in love with Malta, as soon as your cruise ship docks

Valletta in fact, sees thousands upon thousands of cruise passengers every year. Cruises to Malta are not as expensive as you might think. In fact, many say that if you do your research right and know how to get the best cruise packages, you can often find some really incredible Malta cruise deals! 

Port of Valletta: The magnificent Grand Harbour

Malta may be small but your cruise ship will call at one of the most beautiful natural harbours in the world! Many cruise passengers comment that just the cruise ship’s entry into Valletta’s Grand Harbour alone, makes a cruise to Malta worthwhile. Often the captain of the cruise ship himself will urge his passengers to get themselves on deck so as not to miss this breathtaking sight!

The harbour is indeed a favourite with cruise ship captains as well and they often comment that it is one of their favourite harbours too! So prepare yourself for breathtaking views of forts, fortifications and historical cities. 

cruise malta grand harbour

A Norwegian Cruise Liner berthed at The Valletta Waterfront

Malta Arrival: The panic starts!

Welcome to Malta!

You’ve arrived in Malta and you’re ready to disembark. For some, this is where the panic starts! Wait … but isn’t a cruise supposed to be relaxing? Don’t worry, it is :) But for some cruise passengers, Malta’s cruise stop is not initially something that they give too much importance to.

This is mainly because when compared to other Mediterranean cruise stops, Malta is perhaps kept a bit on the low profile side. Cruise passengers often admit that at first, they were more looking forward to their stop in Greece or Rome for example. However, when they start doing a little bit of research on the countries that they’ll be visiting, they soon realize that Malta has a LOT to offer to the visitor, even if it’s jam-packed into 316sq km!

For some, just the sight of the harbour and the spectacular Valletta fortifications alone, is enough to immediately make them wish they could stay longer to explore this enchanting baroque city. 

Malta Cruise: Things to see and do

It’s very likely that your cruise ship will be in Malta for just one day, so if you’ve booked yourself a Western Mediterranean cruise and you’re looking for genuine advice on how best to spend your time in Malta, visit our Short Time in Malta: Advice for Cruise Passengers page.

If on the other hand you’re staying in Malta for a couple of days as part of a cruise and stay experience, then we suggest you browse our website for ideas on Things to do in Malta and advice on the top Malta Beaches and main Attractions in Malta. When it comes to traveling, we all have different tastes and preferences, so these pages will help you plan your itinerary better and decide on which places to visit and which ones to leave out.

What happens if you don't get to see all that you set out to see? Well, you now have an "excuse" to return. Many visitors in fact come back to the islands after they cruise Malta. Some even decide to relocate here for good!

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