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Meet cottages

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We offer the best accommodation in whole Malta and we are prepared to help you enjoy it starting right now. The accommodation is based on cottages of the old and modern era as you can see below. Pick the one you love the most.

$250 / per night

Beach 1

The cottage is located 100 meters from a beach and loaded with all the luxury you need.

$150 / Night

Sealine 1

The cottage is a more affordable option but it still comes with all you will ever need while spending time here.

$100 / per night

Unique I

These cottages are truly special, one of a kind and something you should check out soon.

Join us today

We offer all you will while spending time in Malta and while enjoying. Contact us for more.

The sea

Enjoy the sea, dive, swim, or just sit back in the water. It is up to you and it is something you will love doing, we know. You can enjoy it as long as you like and there won’t be any distractions.

The beach

Yes, you can spend all the time you like on a beach. Malta has some of the most beautiful and the most spectacular beaches in the world and you can be on them within 24 hours if you like.