Malta Cost of Living Overview

What’s the cost of living in Malta like?

If you’re thinking of visiting Malta any time soon, you’re probably wondering what the cost of living in Malta is like.

Your daily expenses and costs when visiting or living in any country, will of course depend on the lifestyle that you will lead.

However in general, when compared to other countries in Europe, living in Malta is not that cheap.

cost of living in malta

The currency used on the Maltese Islands is the EURO

The Cost of Living in Malta: A Brief Overview

Nowadays the Maltese Islands have an open market and your choice of products and services on offer is endless.

However, being an island with very limited resources means that a lot of the products you see are imported.

So of course, these types of products end up being more expensive than in other parts of Europe.

The fact that the population of Malta is small also makes it harder for importers to secure a good price for their imports, because the quantity that they order is too small in the eyes of their European counterparts.

Cost of Living Malta: Property and Accommodation

As regards to property, some parts of the islands which are perceived as the posh districts in Malta (mainly Central and Northern areas) are pricier than the South of Malta.

When compared to other countries, renting property in Malta is relatively cheap and if you’re not too fussy with location you can easily find an affordable apartment to rent.

Malta Cost of Living: Food and Drink Prices

Food and drink prices vary tremendously. It all depends from where you’re purchasing the items.

Large supermarkets are your best choice here. There are also many tiny “whole in the wall” type outlets which sell very affordable food items, such as pastizzi, pizza and pies.

As regards to Malta restaurants, it obviously depends on the type of restaurant you dine in. There are also various types of cuisines (besides Maltese cuisine) which you can choose from, ranging from Chinese, Italian and Greek to name a few.

Cost of food items also depend on the location. For example, items sold in touristic areas are more expensive than in other areas.

Below are some approximate prices to give you an idea of how much things cost in Malta and also for you to compare with prices in your own country ...

Soft Drink – Euro 1.00 / Euro 1.50

Water – Euro 0.80

McDonald’s Meal – Euro 6.50

Sandwich from a cafeteria – Euro 1.50 / Euro 2.00

1 litre of milk – Euro 0.72

12 eggs – Euro 1.40

Bread – Euro 0.80

Chicken (whole) – Euro 5.00

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