Mmmm Christmas desserts from the tiny island of Malta!

Qaghaq tal-Ghasel and Imbuljuta Recipes

Christmas is fast approaching and I’m in full Christmas desserts mode at the moment! Mmmmm Maltese Honey Rings. If you’re not Maltese, I’m sure that you have your very own traditional desserts for Christmas, but I’m here to tell you that Qaghaq tal-Ghasel are the best Xmas desserts in the world! Yes I am very biased :)

These cakes come in the shape of rings and are filled with black honey. Mmmmm honey! OK OK, I think I’d better stop mmm-ing and give you the recipe.

qaghaq tal-ghasel honey rings malta christmas desserts

qaghaq tal-ghasel malta christmas desserts

If you'd like to try this traditional Maltese dessert, go to our Maltese Christmas Sweets Recipes page and get the recipe. Try something different this Christmas and put a “slice” of Malta on your Christmas table :)

Also on that page you will find the recipe for Imbuljuta. This is a sweet chestnut soup that is also taken as a dessert here in Malta. Perfect for when the winter cold is biting. Though in general, on the Maltese Islands we don't usually experience freezing cold days, sometimes it does feel really cold, especially for a tiny bear like me!

I’m personally not too keen on this soup but what do I know …. I’m just a tiny green teddy bear ;)


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