Maltese Christmas Crib Displays and Exhibitions

The Christmas crib or presepju as it’s known in Maltese, is very much an integral part of Christmas in Malta.

The locals absolutely love Xmas Cribs and this is why during the festive season, you can see many variations and sizes of cribs all across the islands.

On this page, we share with you some of the top favourites. The list is in no particular order ... because in our opinion they’re all magical!

christmas crib

Nativity scene in a small crib

1.) Every year since 1946, a huge mechanical Xmas crib is on show at the Jesus of Nazareth Institute, Bishop Emanuel Galea Street, Zejtun. A definite must see!


2.) A combination of Maltese Christmas cribs and Christmas Art is usually on show at the Auberge d’Italie in Merchants Street, Valletta during Christmas time and is usually open up until the 6th of January.

3.) If you prefer live cribs, then you might want to head to Lija. A huge live crib is organized yearly at St. Andrew Street, Lija. This crib usually has some 100 participants who re-enact famous traditional scenes. A thoroughly enjoyable experience for all the family.

4.) Heading to Gozo this Christmas? Why not go see the live Xmas crib at Xaghra? This one’s been running for years. Held in a very old farmhouse in Mannar Street, Xaghra the crib is divided into sections that re-create various Bethlehem scenes.


5.) Also in Gozo, you can find a Nativity Village in Ghajnsielem. See typical biblical scenes being re-enacted on a huge piece of land near the main square of the village.


And there you have it! Go see one of the above or go crazy and visit them all!

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