Strawmelon Vape Juice from ELiquid Depot

Although the mastermind behind ELiquid Depot has been a large part of the vaping scene for quite some time, the vape juice company is a new addition to the vaping community.  I was eager to sample Strawmelon by ELiquid Depot. After arriving and completing my usual steeping process, I dove right in.

It’s not uncommon for me to start with a melon-based flavor when I receive juice from a new vendor. Not only are they almost always included in the samples that are sent, but I also find they are usually a good measure of the skill set that a particular juice mixer possesses. With all that in mind, I grabbed myself a fresh, clean atty and dripped ELiquid Depot’s Strawmelon Head, noticing immediately that the nose was not representative of what I had been expecting.

ELiquid Depot has quite literally blown me away with some of biggest, brightest, boldest vape juice flavors I’ve tasted since my vaping journey first began. Up until this bottle of Strawmelon, all of the flavors I’ve tasted from the vendor have exclusively been fruity vapes, and while I know that no vendor out there does everything perfectly, I was still quite eager to see what they could so with something other than fruit based e-liquids.

While the name of the bottle is at first a bit enigmatic, a quick smell of the juice will give you a clue as to what this one is meant to be, and it all clicks into place. It’s clearly a candy vape, but there’s a little more than the basic candy flavor in this vape juice.

It’s exceptionally well balanced with the sweet flavor of fresh strawberry straight from the garden. They present immediately on the front end of the vape. At the top of the exhale, that flavor begins to take on a new form as it is met by the rich, earthy, mildly malted flavor of a fresh watermelon. This is the very same flavor that one encounters when entering a home garden.

While that presents itself fully, late in the exhale, it extends through the very long, very tasty finish. Like the other vape juices, I’ve reviewed from ELiquid Depot, the flavors of this vape juice are exceptional. But more importantly, the base is positively immaculate without a hint of off flavors, leaving the overall profile sweet, but balanced, with a sense of complexity and depth that continued to keep me coming back for more, long after this review was completed.

As is the case with other flavors in the same vein, keeping this one cool enough is crucial as too much heat can lead to an off, bitter tone as the delicate flavoring components degrade from excessive heat.

You can take this one a bit beyond that, but it doesn’t lead to a significant increase in throat hit or vapor production and could offset the delicate balance. The throat hit may be fairly mild, but vapor production is positively outstanding.

Overall, the flavor is clean, fruity, and downright tasty with a sweet and sour ratio that leans towards the sweet side of the spectrum, but not in a lip-puckering fashion. While the ability to handle extreme wattage does not necessarily indicate premium quality juice, it does speak highly of the mixer. This juice, however, performs very well at a lower wattage.

This yield an intense tropical goodness, a mild throat hit, and many plumes of sweet, juicy vapor.