Buskett Gardens

The only extensive woodland on the Maltese Islands

buskett gardens malta

Situated some 2kms south of Rabat Malta and east of Dingli Cliffs, Buskett Gardens are the only large areas of woodland in Malta!

Locally known as Il-Buskett, meaning a small wood, Buskett Gardens were planted by the Knights of St. John and the original purpose of the gardens was for them to serve as a hunting ground.

In Buskett, you will see plenty of orange and cypress trees, cactus, leguminous carobs and many other trees and shrubs.

When you go there, you can either explore the area by using the pathways lined with stone walls or venture off into the woods.

Best time to visit is spring, when the gardens are full of wild flowers and natural springs.

The area is very popular with Maltese people and many go there for picnics or simply to walk and savor the fresh air and lovely surroundings.

Buskett becomes the island’s centre of attention on the festival of L-Imnarja in June.

This highly popular festival has thousands of Maltese people and visitors flocking to Buskett every year.

To find out more about L-Imnarja’s origins and what goes on during this festival, visit our Imnarja page.

Verdala Palace

buskett gardens verdala palace malta

While you’re in Buskett, you will also see the majestic Verdala Palace towering over the woodland.

Verdala Palace was built in 1586.

It was used as a summer residence for Grand Master Hugues Loubeux de Verdalle.

The palace was designed by the famous Maltese architect Glormu Cassar.

Cassar designed many other prominent buildings in Valletta which is the capital of Malta, including the beautiful St. John’s Co-Cathedral.

The palace has four towers, one in each corner but they’re only there for aesthetic purposes because Verdala Palace was never intended to have defense towers.

It was simply used as a hunting retreat for summer.

buskett gardens malta

Long after the Knights of Malta period ended, the British started using the palace as a summer residence for the Governor of Malta.

Nowadays, Verdala Palace is used as the summer residence of the President of Malta.

The palace has some impressive frescoes in its main hall.

Unfortunately, the palace is not open to the public.

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