Born and in my blood to return again

by Doris Ball
(Campbell River, BC Canada)

Me soaking my tired feet in the water at Pretty Bay

Me soaking my tired feet in the water at Pretty Bay

I was born in Malta, Qormi to be more specific.

When my parents emigrated to Canada I was 3 and spoke Maltese as my first language. My parents always spoke Maltese to us, so I grew up understanding it very well.

I was so proud going to school with that extra special feeling of being the only person of Maltese Nationality there.

I was always asked lots and lots of questions and proud as a peacock, I always answered as best I knew.

Living in Canada, we had no other relatives in close proximity. Actually they all lived in Malta. So as I grew up, I only had 2 brothers and a sister along with our parents.

Vacations and holidays we spent together. No grandparents or uncles, aunts and cousins to visit for Christmas or Easter. We were a tight knit family, because we only had each other.

So when my dad asked us to get permission to be out of school early for summer vacation, we did not know why but we knew that it was going to be a very special holiday.

We got our permission. When dad told us where we were going, I just could not believe I heard him right!

The whole family was going to go and meet all of our family back in Malta!

We travelled by truck and camper all the way to Toronto and then flew from there.

I can't even explain the thrill and the nervousness I was feeling. Would they want to see us? Were they even interested in these people that left their wonderful island?

As the plane reached the edge of this big wonderous rock, my nerves got the better of me. I was 14 years of age and I started crying for happiness that I was going to meet so many people! People I had seen many pictures of but never got the chance to hug and feel the realness of them all.

Mom calmed me down. As the plane landed and taxied into the terminal, we saw with wide eyes how much our family wanted to see us!

The whole outside deck of the terminal was packed with our family waving with towels! They were screaming and crying out our names! Security guards tried to keep some kind of organization. I felt like a celebrity.

When we finally got through customs we were grabbed by arms pulling us in every direction. I was seperated from my parents but knew that everything was going to be OK. Life was grand.

We were treated like kings and queens for the rest of the trip and I now have been back many times. Taking my own children. I showed them my father's favorite swimming spots and now mine too.

I brag about my birth place whenever I have the opportunity.

My daughter and son have now been to Malta for a holiday and their favorite place was Mellieha and now my grandaughter's name is Summer Mellieha.

I am the proudest of all Maltese Canadians!

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Jun 03, 2011
My Mom's Story
by: Mike

I really enjoyed reading my Mom's story as it took me right back to when my parents took my sister and I.

It was so exciting having all of my relatives that I had never met, but soon felt like I'd known them forever.

One day I will take my family to Malta and I know that the reception will be nothing short of spectacular as that is how welcoming the Maltese people are.


Jun 03, 2011
Married to a Maltese for 33 years
by: David

As your husband I have been fortunate enough to be a part of the Maltese experience.

You have taken me back to Malta twice now and both times I felt as if I was the long lost relative.

I was apprehensive to go the first time as I was worried about the language barrier and that I would be standing back watching you catch up. This was not the case.

Your family embraced me with open arms. The hospitality was beyond what I would imagine. The adventures we would go on to islands like Gozo, Comino and the Blue Lagoon are places you only see in the movies.

I truly will go back with you soon I hope. I miss our cousins and families very much and want to go soon.

Maybe for our 35th wedding anniversary.

Jun 03, 2011
Heritage Never Forgotten
by: Peggy Lovig

Hi Doris,

I enjoyed reading your very heart-warming story. I think it's wonderful that you have never forgotten your roots and heritage.

Just reading about your return home to Malta to such a wonderful family welcoming and the fun times that you had makes me want to go to Malta!

I sincerely hope you have the winning entry for this contest, you deserve it!

I'm happy that we share a beautiful little granddaughter with such a beautiful middle name.

Proud to be your friend,


Jun 03, 2011
by: Anonymous


As my best friend, I know how proud you are to be Maltese.

You have shared so many stories about your extended family still living there that I feel like I know them. Some I have met when they visited you. What fun we had with everyone together.

I love all the photos and videos of your visits that I want to see it all for myself.

Who knows, one day maybe we all could make that trip. I know I would have the time of my life.



Jun 02, 2011
Nice story
by: Christianne

Doris when I read your story I could relate so much to you. I am also from Qormi and now I live in Toronto. I can understand the prideness that you feel to be Maltese.

I always go around with the Maltese cross showing as much as possible. I wear it as earings, bracelet, I even got a grocery bag with "I love Malta" on it so I show everyone where I'm from.

Most of the time the people I meet they don't know about Malta and I am always proud to give them the details about our wonderful island.

I could feel the warmth that you experienced when you went back for the first time... my family makes me feel the same way whenever I go.

Thanks for sharing your story, it made me feel a lot of joy. Your granddaughter has a really beautiful name!!!

If you would like to read my story it is entitled "A part of me will always belong in Malta".

Take care fellow Qormija and Canadian :)

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