Boat Hire Malta

Ideas for an unforgettable sailing holiday in Malta and info on short Malta cruises

Our Boat Hire Malta section provides information and tips on boat rentals, chartering a yacht to cruise Malta, Gozo and Comino and much more.

As you might imagine, one of the best ways to explore an island is by boat. And when that island is surrounded by pristine beaches and secluded coves and inlets, then renting a boat becomes a lot more tempting.

If you own a personal yacht, then the sky is the limit for you. Simply dock your boat at one of the many luxurious and modern yacht marinas around the island and plan your sailing holiday accordingly.

You can of course just spend a couple of days sailing around the Maltese islands and then make your way to other equally beautiful Mediterranean destinations and islands.

boat hire malta

Sailing around the Maltese Islands without a care in the world!

Boat Hire Malta: Your Options

If you’d like to go on a sailing holiday in Malta, but do not have your own boat then there’s plenty of established and professional companies from where you can charter a yacht.

This might not be as expensive as you might think. The more people there are in your group, the better of course because this will allow you to split costs.

A sailing vacation is also ideal if you’re a large family. Your kids will LOVE the adventure and it will definitely be something that they will rave about for years on end.

Malta Sailing Trips: What you’ll see

There are loads of sailing trips that you can choose from.

Popular trips and cruises will typically include a visit to Gozo and Comino. The captain will usually stop at various gorgeous inlets where you can take a quick dip. The top favorite of these stops is by far the Blue Lagoon in Comino. Taking a dip here is a definite must because it’s not very common that you see such crystal clear turquoise waters.

The stop at Comino will probably be a lunch stop too. Usually lunch is served in buffet style. Always check whether lunch is included and whether you have to take your own drinks.

Usually these sailing trips last for a couple of days. There are of course other longer trips. If your holiday budget and itinerary allow it, you can even book yourself on a sailing trip where you can explore other Mediterranean islands such as Sicily and Greece as well.

boat hire malta

One day or half day cruises are available from various locations across the Maltese Islands

A cheaper alternative to yachting, are the many short one day (or half day) cruises that are available. Wonder in awe at Valletta’s fortifications, experience the beauty of the Grand Harbour, sail past the Three Cities … your choice of Malta cruises is wide and varied.

Lunch and drinks are usually included in these type of cruises. Some companies also offer speciality cruises which can include anything from diving and snorkelling cruises to fishing trips.

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