Rocky Beaches Malta

St. Peter’s Pool at Delimara Point

Our Rocky Beaches in Malta page focuses on one of the most beautiful swimming areas in the South of Malta. We’re talking about St. Peter’s Pool.

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St. Peter’s Pool is a rocky inlet which almost looks like a natural swimming pool has been carved into the rocks. Legend has it that St. Peter baptized some locals here when he visited the area.

This is an area of incredible natural beauty with the waters being among the clearest and most beautiful that you will come across on the Maltese Islands.

No wonder this little “hidden” gem was the absolute favourite swimming spot of a former Maltese Prime Minister who used to go and take a dip in St. Peter’s Pool daily!

St. Peter’s Pool is quite popular with the locals, especially for those living in nearby villages such as Marsaxlokk, Zejtun and Birzebbugia. However, it’s rarely ever crowded.

So you can always find a little spot of peace and quiet if that is what you want.

The place also offers some excellent snorkelling opportunities. St. Peter’s Pool does not have any facilities, so make sure to take anything you want with you.

If you’re looking for something different then your usual sandy beach, then St. Peter’s Pool could be your perfect choice.

There is no beach here, simply a large flat rock which is very convenient for sunbathing. Plus you can’t step into the sea here, you have to literally jump in!

As you might imagine, St. Peter’s Pool is only suitable for good swimmers.

Not easy to reach, this place is perfect for you if you’re willing to do some traveling and walking to get to this stunning spot!

The coastal views you will see here are simply breathtaking. The “pool” itself is a perfect postcard moment!

St. Peter’s Pool is located at the tip of Delimara Point which overlooks Marsaxlokk Bay.

Rocky Beaches Malta: How to get to St. Peter's Pool

No public transport is available.

You can get to St. Peter’s Pool from Marsaxlokk either by car or on foot.

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